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  1. I can save the joystick profiles of A-10C but the keyboard profile doesn't create any file when I try to save under input/a-10c/keyboard. The other aircrafts can save both joystick and KB profiles.
  2. Hi. I did check the script and the thread. You said: https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=1850686&postcount=4 I couldn't find anything related to triggerzones or speed in your original post though. http://wiki.hoggit.us/view/DCS_event_engine_shutdown I've actually found this but have no idea how to use it inside the code
  3. Hi. I've searched the forum and only found: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=151449&highlight=remove+landed+aircraft this thread about the issue. Unfortunately that didn't make any sense to me since I'm too newb in mission making. I'd also appreciate it if you could help me understand and implement that in the script below. A few months ago I've posted here about making a respawn script for units having a specific prefix in their group name. Thankfully Grimes responded and helped me accomplish what I've been trying to do. The bad thing is, that script only removes if the aircraft is dead with the pilot. not if it's landed. The code is: local prefix = 'RESPAWN' for groupName, data in pairs(mist.DBs.groupsByName) do if string.find(groupName, prefix) then if (Group.getByName(groupName) and Group.getByName(groupName):isExist() == false) or (Group.getByName(groupName) and #Group.getByName(groupName):getUnits() < 1) or not Group.getByName(groupName) then mist.respawnGroup(groupName) end end end He said the script has 3 conditions and if any of them returns true, it will respawn the aircraft. Can I somehow add another condition like: "if the aircraft has speed of <2 for x seconds, remove it" ? I've checked the MIST documentation but failed to find anything that returns a unit's speed. Link to Grimes' full response: https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=2757308&postcount=2 I appreciate any help you can offer about this request. Thank you all.
  4. thanks for your replies guys! I think I'll try running a mission numerous times this week to test if it actually works like that (the probability thingie). Will post the results here.
  5. Hi. I had some questions about random system failures. I've read other threads about this but couldn't find an answer. First Question: Does enabling that setting in the options menu, allows me to have failures that has been set by the mission maker in the editor? Or does it just enable failures, regardless of what has been set in the editor unit options? ---- 2nd question is about the setting in the mission editor. we have 3 parameters there. After, Within and Probability. Let's exclude "After" for this example. Let's say I've set the player to have an engine error within 30 minutes with %50 probability. Does this mean he's safe for the rest of the mission after 30 minutes, if he doesn't experience any failure? Or does that mean he'll have another 30 minutes with 50% probability (and so on, until he eventually has a failure)? I hope I've made everything clear here. Just let me know if you need me to clarify what I was asking for. Have a nice day and thank you all for your time.
  6. Hi. I was wondering how can I make sure the internal ECM of the Mig-29S I'm flying is enabled or not? Is there any light or a little switch goes up and down when I enable/disable it? Or do I have to memorize each time I press E and keep track of it myself?
  7. Wow man thanks for the reply. I didn't know that. Was it me being mistaken or did it wrongly show the internal fuel before the update?
  8. Hi. The radial fuelmeter to the right side of the HUD (the one says топливо x 1000 KG) always points to 0 after the last update of today. Tried starting the mission on the air, from parking, with 100% and 50% fuel, also tried air-refueling to see if it'll refresh but it didn't.
  9. Hi. Normally when i make a SP mission in the editor with AI wingmen on my flight, I can see those guys and who they lock on my right MFCD. But in online missions where the wingman is controlled by a client, I'm not able to see those guys. I can only see them if we're near an AWACS plane (in BVR mode), and that gives us no radar lock info etc. Is there anyway to fix this problem or am I doing something wrong?
  10. Hi. the Su-27 spawns severely misaligned in Senaki-Kolkhi hangars if a ramp start is selected. And explodes on mission start. The hangars i've tried are: (PRK #) 40,60,61. Here's a scrshot of the problem:
  11. hey thanks man that worked perfectly! and thanks to you again for explaining it step by step. I can use that string.find for numerous functionalities!
  12. Hi. I just started mission building and learning MIST. I recently learned how to use respawnGroup for AI upon group death. But i was wondering, instead of creating a trigger for every unit I'd like to respawn, can I make it so that only 1 trigger handles respawning groups with a tag in their group name (for example RESPAWN_Transport1)?
  13. I can confirm that this doesn't work too. set sim speed to 60x to see if it's dumping at a real slow rate but it seems like it doesn't make any difference at all. Even though I don't know how these functions work, it doesn't look like a hard thing to fix. Should we re-post this under release version bugs thread or is this the tread it's supposed to stay at?
  14. Hi. I own the steam version of the game and I don't run any of the beta builds. I don't have the m2000-c, since it's not released on steam yet, but I see m2000 as "playable" (orange) in editor. When I place an m2000c in the terrain and set it as "Player", the game crashes on loading. Also, when I set it as "High" (AI), and try to hop in the cockpit mid-flight, I get a crash again. I know that I won't be able to join the cockpit since I don't own the aircraft. Just wanted to point out this "Shown as playable" bug. I hope I've been helpful and I wish all the community a nice day!
  15. Yeah i did know that ABRIS is just a module that's been duct taped in the Ka-50 in some sense. Let me rephrase my question: For example: I place a ka-50 in kobuleti(ramp start), a waypoint in sea, and another waypoint in Batumi. In ABRIS: 1st waypoint is kobuleti, 2nd waypoint is sea, and the 3rd and final waypoint is Batumi. But in PVI-800: 1st waypoint is sea, and 2nd waypoint is Batumi, since it places my initial position on INIT PNT. i hope this clarifies the problem EDIT: I'll just start a premade mission that comes with the DLC and will look if it's OK there. Will let you guys know EDIT: I think that mission designers rename every waypoint to correlate with the PVI-800. They rename 00003 as 2, 00004 as 3 etc.. / or give them names instead of numeric designations. I may be mistaken so I'd be grateful if you could enlighten me on this issue if you come across any information. Thanks anyway and I wish all of you a great day
  16. Hi everyone. I had a question/problem about ABRIS and PVI-800 waypoint numerification. This problem does not present itself when I start the mission in the air. Only happens when I select Ramp Start. The PVI-800 stores the initial airport coordinates on the INIT memory and not on WP 1, whereas the ABRIS stores it with the 4-digit airport code (UGSB for example.). The problem is; the ABRIS also stores the initial position as the first waypoint too (00001). So the waypoint 1 on PVI-800, correlates to waypoint 00002 on ABRIS. Waypoint 00003 on ABRIS is WP 2 on PVI-800 vice versa.. The problem is, this creates a minor disorientation, or navigation problems when I punch in the needed autopilot waypoint by referencing from ABRIS. I have to look at the ABRIS, substract 1 from the waypoint and punch it in the PVI-800. Am I doing it the correct way? Or is there a workaround for this minor problem inside the mission editor or during mission planning inside the cockpit? I thank you all for your support and wish all the pilots a good day :)
  17. Hi guys, I know that i can change between outer and inner pylons by pressing Y and I keys respectively. But I wasn't able to switch from my Vikhr to my Kh25-ML's today. Tried loading 4 different weapons to 4 hardpoints, and pressing Y and I only selects the left-side ones. How can I make a selection between Outer and Inner hardpoints? Any help would be appreciated and I wish all of you a good day.
  18. no man, your english was comprehensible and understandable, no worries about that :) but i doubt it'll need any testing or cause any instabilities at all. Im no programmer but it just looks like devs forgot to add ICAO codes to the .lua file. the fix only adds the ICAO codes between the left empty quotation marks. anyways the fix works flawlessly and i think it should be made even more public to get noticed by new&old players alike.
  19. thanks, i'll try it now. Also I don't think that it would be so hard for ED to implement this feature, since even a user-made fix is possible. How can I propose this as a still valid bug? Or are there other evem more important bugs that this will vanish in the roadmap again? EDIT:that actually worked. thanks! And I've noticed it's nothing but the ICAO codes added into the .lua file when opened both in Sublime and compared them. Shouldn't be too hard for ED to implement I'd assume?
  20. since you necro'd it i'll answer. double-press middle mouse button or alt+C to switch between clickable cockpit and mouselook mode.
  21. Hi, I just tried to calculate a airdrome by entering it's name in ka-50's GNSS system, but everytime it returns [not found] message to me. I thought it may be my problem, skipping a detail in startup sequence, so I've started my ka-50 up in the air, also tried playing a premade mission but both to no avail. This is what I've gone through: *GNSS and ALTIMETER sensors are shown READY in MENU. *Pressed F10, looked up 4-5 airport's ICAO code and all of them returned [not found] *Leaving the code field empty, and clicking ENTER actually calculates some stuff and doesnt return a [not found]. *RAIM treshold is around 3000m *It's in Route/AUTO mode instead of USER mode *Used system is GPS/GLONASS, I have 9 green squares in the GNSS INFO menu. I'd appreciate any help that you guys can give me. I've looked up the forums to see if I can find anything related to these problems, but all the other threads are either not answering my question, or so ancient that I don't want to necro them. Thanks again for your support, and have a nice day :)
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