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  1. Hi. Copying this from a comment I've made in youtube. Be advised that I've been trying those with air starts: I have a question for you. even though I set my fixes correctly (2 visual overflight fixes before target radar fix), the bk90's hit ahead of target. anything i might be overlooking? Also, does one have to input the target elevation above sea level to the CK or the radar takes care of it? Also another addition is: The bk90's are accurate when I do an airstart and use the waypoint without radarfixing it. If I try to do a radar fix on the target, they fall ahead of targets. So another question that stems is: Do I reference the circle's center when I TV Fix on a target? or do I reference the center of the crosshair? TLDR so far; -placed waypoints are accurate but manual radar fix on targets aren't. -how does one input target elevation above sea level? I'd greatly appreciate if you could answer my questions and I thank you for your time.
  2. oh that's a bummer :/ but thanks for the answer and clarification! Any place i can read about this mixed loadout incompatibility of AJS37? also another question is, why did the engineers felt the need to include a weapon selector that extensive if the Viggen can only carry 1 type of A/G missile?
  3. Hi. When I load myself with only RB-75's, I can use them as I'm supposed to. But if I have RB-04's and RB-75's loaded, I can't select the RB-75. Here's what I've been doing: mastermode: NAV MODE wpnselector: RB-75 triggersafety: non-safe I've also tried pressing IR-RB FRAMSTEGN button on the left vertical console, but that doesn't seem to help either. Any help is greatly appreciated and I wish you all a great evening
  4. hey renhanxue, thanks for the detailed post. I've solved my problem. I was using the "three-button switch" option on my joystick, so it was held when i pressed it. Fixed it by remapping my controls. you're awesome!
  5. Hi. In manual page 132, it is stated as such: "The system will automatically select the next waypoint when the active waypoint is overflown or passed within a distance of 3 km.). During modes ANF (attack) and SPA (Reconnaissance) or NAV with the trigger safety off (mode unsafe), this automatic switch is locked. Automatic switching does not apply for BX or landing waypoints." I've tried flying over a waypoint on NAV mode with trigger safety on, off (in NAV mode) but the DI shows the waypoint as E1, and it doesn't switch to the second waypoint after overpass. Any help is greatly appreciated and I apologize if this is a noobish question or I missed a very obvious thing. Have a nice day
  6. Hi guys, thank you and congratulations for this awesome aircraft! I've been reading through the manual to learn how the systems work in this beauty. In page 196 it says: The waypoint is checked by pressing a waypoint button. If the data indicator indicates 900000, the waypoint is defined as a target waypoint. setting the waypoint type by using TAKT IN works but TAKT OUT fails to report waypoint types (only returns 000000) I know this is a bit of a nitpicking but just wanted to help by a small amount by pointing out something i've found:) thank you again for this module and I appreciate your hard work & time on this project. Have a nice day!
  7. Hi. What's the purpose of pitch damper cutoff switch on the stick? Is it just an easier way of switching the pitch damper to off position without looking at the left console, or does it have another usage? If it affects flight dynamics in another way, should I keep it pressed down while maneuvering? Thank you all for your replies.
  8. the only thing I know of those aircraft is that they retained their paintjobs after the movie was done. also here's a USN VFC aggressor squadron f-5 photo. I know it's not the same with the ones in the movie, but it's same as the one in your signature: http://themindfulbit.com/blog/mig-28
  9. the GBU is implemented, the manual part is still WIP so no instrucions & release tables
  10. Hi. This is just a humble opinion and a feature request :) As you know, we can see the cockpit glass shattering under damage, but only in external views. How about adding it to the internal camera too for every aircraft? Also, instead of immediately and abruptly switching to external camera upon pilot death, how about losing the control in internal camera and watching it smash to ground (maybe with a post-processing effect that's signifying death like vignette+b&w)? I'm already content with the current status of these situations, just wanted to present you guys a humble opinion :thumbup:
  11. wow that's great! also noticed though, even if after fire, I release second detent but continue holding on first detent (to have the gas exhaust open and continue recording), the recording will stop after the overrun time. is that intended feature? by the way, thank you cofcorpse for helping me with the recent flood of questions. You've been very helpful. I'm forever in your debt :)
  12. Hi. I see a feature called "sight camera" in the documentation and also in main menu options under F-5. Is it ever going to be implemented?
  13. Hi. Just wanted to point out; after depleting the chaffs and flares, the counter that displays remaining flare/chaff on countermeasures console doesn't stop at 00. goes to 99 and starts descending again.
  14. Well, I was wrong and it happened again. Here is the logfile: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=65747449678087930749 Here are my SysSpecs CPU:intel 4690k GPU:Gigabyte 980ti (no OC when playing DCS) 16gb RAM game and OS installed on SSD, around 25GB empty space GPU Driver Version: 368.39 (no driver updates before & after the blackscreen appearing. 1.5.4 was fine)
  15. so 1.5.5 is the correct version of pipper right? I shouldn't expect any changes to 1.5.5 behavior?
  16. Hi guys. It is fixed by itself. It was happening when I was downloading 2.0 and playing 1.5 at the same time. I think it has something to do with the usage of files by 2 different applications or the bandwidth usage(I wasn't even able to google stuff when downloading was underway.) anyway, thanks for your interest, and if i'm mistaken and the blackscreen happens again I'll post my logs, my driver versions and specs to this thread.
  17. Hi. In 2.0, there's a reticle pipper feature, that the pipper slews itself to the position of the locked aircraft, so you can locate where it is without looking down to the radar grid display. I looked to PilotMi8's post about version adjustment and saw there was a change "3) HUD circle tuned in MSL mode ". But couldn't understand what that is. I was wondering if it's an error in 2.0 and fixed in 1.5.5? or should I expect 1.5.5 to have that feature too soon? here's a picture of the thing I'm talking about:
  18. Hi. The pilot body model seems to be missing in 2.0 (It's available in 1.5). I've enabled it in the menu settings, also tried pressing RShift+P. No avail.
  19. it is the same problem with that thread. sorry I've missed it even though I've searched the keywords. Thread can be closed
  20. Magical light on bottom side Hi. There's a magical light that casts upon the ground at the bottom side of the fuselage. steps to reproduce: create a night mission, takeoff turn off every light(including taxi light,beacon etc.) fly close to ground and notice there's a light being cast from the f-5 there's no visible light on the f-5. It only magically appears at the ground that's directly at the bottom of the aircraft. The light is also cast regardless of the pitch of the aircraft(if you bank 10 degrees, the light is still directly beneath you)
  21. Hi. When I create a mission on the editor and fly it for 20+ minutes, when I press "Quit Mission", instead of dropping me to the scoreboard and watch track etc. screen, I get a black screen. Only way to end it is via the taskman. Any help is appreciated, have a nice day
  22. Hi. Regardless of my settings, some aircraft such as Su-30, always has model enlargement when I place them on a mission. Also If I put both a Su-30 and Su-33 in a mission, only the Su-30 has model enlargement so I think it's something that's hardcoded into model LOD's instead of mission/game settings.
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