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  1. Hi dave76, It would greatly help the others understand what might be the problem if you can send a screenshot or a photograph of the screen. I'm thinking it could be a scree resolution/aspect ratio setting problem which could be fixed easily.
  2. Hi. I've just received Mig-21 and I'm trying to learn it by going thru the documentation. I've just noticed that the middle mode in ground clutter compensation works, by eliminating some radar reflection from the ground, but the top mode(where it tilts the radar by 1.5 degrees) doesn't help even a little bit. I've tried this while flying on the deck and high above. It's the same as the middle position mode. I'd appreciate it if you could enlighten me on this functionality. Thanks
  3. are you sure sir? what you've posted doesn't include any prmg or rsbn type localizers.
  4. Hi. I recently got into the l-39 as well and discovered this thread. I'd like to know if the glideslope functionality is broken on a few airfields or in all of them? also i've found something such as: glideslopeAngle = 2.0 + 40.0/60.0, on caucasus beacons.lua. Tried adding that to the nevada lua but didn't work. It might be a mistake on my side but you guys should give it a try too if you'd like.
  5. I second that question. What's the purpose of B-scope if it's stuck on the position set in mission editor? Shouldn't it at least switch position when I change the position of the waypoint in PPI? Can I use b-scope to re-position waypoints more accurately over a ground target?
  6. Hi. I've read the manual and it says the passive scan mode returns jamming signals. Is that the real-world functionality of that feature? Wouldn't it also return some signal if someone was actively locking me up (a SAM site for example)? I apologize if this is a noobish question, I don't know how exactly the radar systems work in real life but i was just wondering. I thought the passive scan is just like a more accurate RWR. Thank you all
  7. yes, you're right it fluctuates rapidly between 99 and 100%. thought it's the SPAK trying to stabilize the flight but it still happens when it's off. Anyway, you can consider it as merely a visual bug. Even though it actually changes the flaps 1%, I don't think the effect will be noticeable.
  8. what's the status of your landing gear while observing this behaviour? Also the flaps are automatic - You might be inside the airspeed/AoA sweetspot where it changes the flap extension and maybe that's why it's fluctuating.
  9. Hi. the mission I post is working correctly, but as soon as I add an armed speedboat in the group of CVN and fire the mission up, it CTD's upon pressing "Fly". Only happens if i'm inside a viggen, didn't crash when I had the A-10C. Only happens if there is a speedboat escorting the CVN. Didn't crash when i removed the speedboat. ajsbattledeneme.miz
  10. Hi everyone, I'm not sure if i recall correctly, but I remember there was a light illuminating the tail number of the Viggen when I activated all the lights on the lower right console. But today I realized I can't seem to activate that light. Was it me remembering it incorrectly, was this a bug or did I mess my installation up? I'd appreciate if any of you guys could check it on your Viggens when you're otherwise unoccupied
  11. Hi. I've been following the manual and the youtube tutorials and I've noticed the Radar Release mode drops the bombs instantly instead of giving a cue point where I should follow (or a distance indicator as stated in the manual) while holding the trigger down. It even surprises the uploader of this particular youtube video: It's at 7:05
  12. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=96987 this is the bug thread for FC3. A-10A: I don't know what's the purpose of that part behind an A-10 seat, but I can say it's not a bug and it's specifically modelled to act that way under G. There's no way any cockpit component to act according to the forces of gravity unless specifically modeled. MIG29S: The flaps deploy evenly for me. Try pressing RCtrl + Enter (in cockpit) to see if you have your axis at an off-center position.
  13. I'm afraid some of them only have on/off states.
  14. I really wouldn't reccomend it since any automatic change in one of those components will break functionality, and when you press that key you are going to have for example "brakes on, flaps up" or vice versa. I don't know if DCS reads thru raw hardware or through software, and I also don't know at which level this software creates these combinations but it's worth a try: https://autohotkey.com/ I'm glad if i could be of any help.
  15. Hi. I think it would be a nice addition if killing the power boxes or the lines between boxes actually had an effect (blacking out an entire town or block).
  16. :doh: thanks man. Should've done my reading more. :doh:
  17. yeah it states that in the manual but correct me if i'm wrong: It uses barometric altitude to check for the launch permission right? and as far as I know, barometric altitudes report ASL, not AGL.
  18. I think you missed my question. What if the target is on top of a hill which is let's say 2000m. above sea level? As far as I know, BK90 can't be launched above 500m. above ground level. (which means 500m. above sea level since launch inhibition checks barometric altimeter) So to put it easily, let's have a hypothetical scenario like this. We have a flat hill, which is 2000m above sea level. Both me and the target is on that hill. I'm flying 50 m. above target, which the altimeter shows as "2050m above sea level" and inhibits bk90 launch. I hope this makes it clear :(
  19. Hi. I was wondering what should I do to be able to hit ground targets on elevated positions (hills etc.) especially if you're over the release altitude limit of bk90's - e.g you're engaging a group of tanks on top of a hill which is 2000m above AGL-. Is there a way to input the altitude of waypoints? Or should I somehow fool the system by changing my barometric altimeter(if so, is there a conversation table of converting altitude to QFE)? thank you for your answers and I wish you a great evening
  20. Hi.I've read in the manual that you can add RUTA type waypoints and have like a recon box on your radar. I've tried doing it but I've failed and I don't know where I did wrong since it's a long procedure.( I was able to set up R waypoints though, by entering them into CK) my problem was i couldn't get them on my CI. So I'm hereby humbly requesting a quick run-down on how that system works and what are the steps required :) I would really appreciate the help and wish you all a great night
  21. Hi. I was wondering how do you switch between a2a missiles if you have both 24j and 74 loaded? If it's the IR fast select button on the left side, how do you know which missile you have selected right then? If I'm not supposed to carry two types of missiles, why does the viggen have CAP (6 AAM) as a preset loadout? thanks for your time answering my questions and I wish you all a great night
  22. Hi. I can't seem to set ToT for "B" type waypoints. I have 3 waypoints total, first 2 is for visual fixing and the 3rd one for target area. Whenever I try to set the first waypoint's ToT to 12:08:00 ( or anything else ) it saves it as 12:10:00. Here's a list of what I've been doing: *Create a mission with 3 waypoints, only speed set, no ToT preset before mission start. 12:00:00 as beginning time. *Start the aircraft, insert data cartridge and load it by inputting 9099 on TAKT & press LSSKU. *Switch to TID, Output mode, see B1 has 051000 as time of arrival(which means no ToA set i assume?). *switch to TID, Input Mode, enter 120800 and press the waypoint button to the right (B1 in this case) *switch to TID output and see the set time on arrival for B1 is 12:10:00 now. EDIT: just realized i can only input time in intervals of 10 minutes. like 120000 / 121000 / 122000 .. any clues? EDIT: Even though I set a ToT like this, the ToT output mode will display 700000 as if i hadn't set anything at all. Any help is greatly appreciated, I wish you all a great afternoon
  23. thanks ragnar. should I expect it in my current playable version or should I wait for the next update for the fix to take effect?
  24. even though I move the crosshair dead-on top of the target, the circle moves to a position where it's a bit off target.
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