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  1. Hey everyone. The link seems do have expired. I'll edit/reupload it as soon as I get back on my computer and preferably move it to ED user files.
  2. Hi. I know that I can use DMT's LSS function to find lased targets. But how do I slew my TPOD to that laser point found by DMT? (as an addition, what's the purpose of the SLAVE selection within TPOD page?) Also, what's the purpose of the LSS option in the TPOD page? I looked at the pocket guide but couldn't find any answer. I really appreciate it if you could enlighten me on this issues. Thank you all!
  3. thanks for the quick update man. can't wait for the next one!
  4. Hi. This new feature really makes a difference! One question though. Is there a way to delete a markpoint or a waypoint?
  5. You may be right, but the RWR bug is there since at least 2017 december. And they're not updating their issues thread since then. Having no active bug acknowledgment thread is a very serious issue and will make the customers feel like the project is being abandoned. Though I also acknowledge this is an early access release and Zeus is actively responding to bug threads around the forums. I'm not trying to bash RAZBAM here. I think the harrier is a great module and looks amazingly good. Just wanted to share my concerns.
  6. can confirm. F-5EIII's RWR didn't work for me today.
  7. don't even bother. RWR completely dead.
  8. I really don't think it's possible since it only plays a very tiny fraction of the sounds. The limitation is very hindering. What you'll hear won't sound like the real harrier RWR anyway. How does this one perform? Do you hear the whole sample? or does it just layer hundreds of samples on top of each other? I'm sure I've tried the "detached" parameter and had weird results
  9. I've managed to create some sounds which are at least audible. The contents go to C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\Mods\aircraft\AV8BNA\Sounds\Effects\RWR . SAM LOCK sound is still inaudible. Don't forget to back up your original sounds folder. Be advised those are highly unrealistic beeps and boops. https://we.tl/xXXbHGsKNf
  10. I also was able to hear NewThreat sound during multiplay. I think the reason is the FPS drops during multiplayer, so the program actually gets to repeat the sound less frequently, therefore you hear a bigger fraction of the sounds.
  11. Thanks for your appreciation man. Only solution I've found is replacing the default harrier RWR sounds with other sounds which don't have a silence in the beginning (e.g, the mig-21). It still sounds bad since it tries to play the beginning fraction of the sound every frame, but at least you hear something when you get launched upon. I don't think it would be legal to share mig-21's sounds over here. So i'll create some chirp sounds in audacity at different notes, and post them here as a zip with a folder/file structure, so you can replace your harrier's sounds with these. will be REALLY unrealistic but at least it will help us check our RWR when needed.
  12. So I've tried changing the RWR_NewThreat.sdef and added the line "pitch = 2.00" . Now the sound plays a bit more before getting cut. I'll research more into the .sdef files of other aircrafts to see if there's a parameter which changes the ADSR or playback time values of each sound. Will report back soon. ----------------------------- UPDATE: okay. I've added "release = 1.00" to the newthreat sound. Now the sound plays longer without a modified pitch (I can actually hear beeeepbepbepbep). The only problem now is a bad ADSR curve (because I've only added a release parameter.) I'll test each sound with some parameters such as "decay" or "sustain" to see if those parameters are supported, and add "looping" to those which are looping sounds. --------------------------- UPDATE 2: I've fiddled around with those settings and found a new parameter I can use in .sdef files: -- PLAYMODE: detached = false -- set to true if the sound should always play the whole sample (explosions, gunshots etc.) this parameter only has any effect on some RWR sounds, but it actually let me understand what's the problem with harrier's RWR. The sounds actually start playing every frame with the harrier. For example, instead of getting "beep-beep-beep-beep"'s when launched upon, you do get "bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb" (which is unaudible because it only gets to play a really tiny fraction of that sound which is quiet - replacing with another sound proves that point. The original launch warning sound has a tiny bit of silence in the beginning). I think i'm stumped here since I can't locate any other .lua files that modify how a sample is played back. I'll look around for a little bit more before leaving this matter to dev's hands. -------------------------- UPDATE 3: I've found one more file. Cockpit/Scripts/EWS/RWR_Init.lua . Most other aircraft I have has this file (sometimes named differently) with parameters designating how long does a sound play etc. (AJS even procedurally sets beep interval and frequencies using this file - AJS37->Cockpit->Scripts->RWR->Device->init.lua . Check it out it's really interesting!). I don't know if the problem is there because our harrier is completely devoid of these parameters. A-10C seems to be missing them as well, but functions as it should even though they share the same sounds with the Harrier. That's it from me for tonight and I hope RAZBAM someday decides to look into this issue :dunno: . I'm aware that this is an early access product but it's actually terrifying considering this has been an issue for such a long time.
  13. RWR problem I've just realized that RWR sound can be heard when running the sim in x2 speed (ctrl+z) or more. It's not audible in realtime or slower. It looks like it's an audio triggering issue instead of an audibility problem.
  14. Since the last update, the SPS-141 panel is not showing any lights or labels. Tried having the SPS on air-start and ramp-start. Same results. here's a screenshot
  15. Hi. When I design a mission in the editor and play it, the Uragan's rockets always falls short of the designated "Fire at Point" target. The mission has no wind
  16. Hi. Back in the day I could set nav tgt points in the mission editor and use them as waypoints. I can't seem to locate that feature anymore when I select A-10C as an aircraft. Other aircraft such as ka-50 and Viggen still has that feature. Anyone know why it's not there anymore (bug/removed)? Or is there another way to repeat that functionality? If anyone is wondering what that was, it's the tab with a square icon next to route,payload,failures etc. I appreciate your answers and wish you all a great morning.
  17. Hi. Just wanted to point out that formation lights (the stripes next to the cockpit) are not working at all in 2.2. Tail light is barely visible. Will it be fixed soon? Apart from that, does anyone know a viggen-specific config file that I can change in order to have more light on the exterior and the interior(apart from gamma)?
  18. Hi. The L/R fuel balance won't affect aircraft roll unless one side hits 0LBS. Expected behaviour or bug? Can anyone enlighten?
  19. It is enabled. And as I've stated, it works with every aircraft except for L-39.
  20. The preset failures that are set in mission editor does not trigger at all. Tried the same settings (100% probability, within 1 minute.) with different aircraft. They function as intended. This happens both in L-39ZA and L-39C. and it happens both in 2.0 and 1.5 EDIT: the mission debriefing shows the events actually fire during the mission, which means they are working but has no effects on the aircraft itself/
  21. Hi. I was flying a bit over the limit last night and found out that the loud bang noises occur when high AoA are missing. Was this removed on purpose? Is it a bug? Or is it only on my side? ( I don't have any sound related mods installed) It occurs in both 2.0 and 1.5
  22. Hi all, I was trying to learn each weapon by referencing to the manual, and came across a problem while trying rockets (s-24's). the manual states we should use "gyro" for all ground targets. It also says that "gyro" uses all 4 parameters, and "fixed" uses 2 out of 4, so my thought was that fixed is more limited in accuracy but is more stable. contrary to this, it seems like i'm only getting ranging calculation only when i'm using "fixed" mode. let me paraphrase my problem, so it makes more sense: I start a dive towards the targets. In fixed mode, I can exactly see where the rockets will hit (fly level and you can see it won't make it to infinity. The pipper falls down.). Also, the range needle starts to move towards 0 further away, compared to gyro mode. In gyro mode however, it's always stationary with the exception of some sway (pitch changes/roll etc.). It behaves like an A/A gun funnel sight. when flying level, the pipper shows infinity. so my questions are: *when I've searched the forums, i've seen some threads regarding inconsistencies between the manual and the sim. Is this about that or am I doing something wrong? *should I use gyro when armed for s-24s against stationary ground targets? *which 2 of the 4 parameters does the fixed mode use? *why does it feel like only fixed mode is calculating terrain? thank you all for your time and I appreciate any help you could give me with this issue. Have a nice day. EDIT: I've discovered the same issue applies to A/G guns too.
  23. I have created a bug report in leatherneck's bug tracker. feel free to add additional info that you might have: https://leatherneck-sim.mantishub.io/view.php?id=674
  24. did this happen 1 time or happens all the time in that mission? You can post the mission here so I can check myself too.
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