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  1. yes very "final countdown" isn't it :)
  2. great to see that detail added (albeit - its not a critical one)!
  3. Yes I was trying to find a preference to only show the heading rather than a summary of the content in the post but haven't found it yet - prefer the old view
  4. Yes very common in the response to the iron maiden (KC-135 tanker fitting to the boom to allow drogue refueling).
  5. Seen this response - https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=4498888&postcount=4
  6. Seems like the hotas markpoint button doesn’t work - is that how it is IRL and you have to use the MFD buttons?
  7. Australian pre orders start on the 16th Sept, shipping estimated at mid Nov
  8. Yes saw the mirrors had been updated and I could see my head moving around better than previously
  9. Have experienced the same thing - though it was air targets on a night mission (Interception of B-52s). As noted it’s connected to the moon and rendering distance but regardless of that, it’s still highly unrealistic and should be tuned
  10. Have you released your missions - would love to have a go
  11. The Tomcat doesn’t do that as the strut is to remain compressed until the end of the cat shot
  12. There’s a mod for this, think it’s called naval ground crew that includes a land based FLOLS that works. But yes, agree, be good to have it from ED
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