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  1. Found out that when using PP mode and setting elevation it seems to only work when entering meters as altitude. Even when highlighting feet on the UFC, it still seems to enter meters, even though it says feet entered over on the JDAM page. It gives a certain point up above the ground in the hud. My example was target area at 3552 ft elevation. Hud target diamond kept floating above the target, quite far. Then I tried calculating it over to meters and it worked. Hud diamond is now on target and bombs are hitting where they should. This isnt an issue when using TOO mode and the waypoint d
  2. Have the exact same issue. All GBU types tested. Also the AGM-65F doesnt return to boresight with cage/uncaged depress.
  3. Just had the exact same, couldnt drop any GBUs all types tested. Also AGM-65F uncage to return slew to boresight didnt work.
  4. I noticed this as well, while practicing loft bombing with GBU-12s the other day. It frustrated me so much. I even had issue even designating my waypoint as target again, probably because I was below the target alt, avoiding SAMs...
  5. I have it too. Aircraft tested and found the issue in so far: Spitfire Mustang 109 190 and the Hornet
  6. The issue is only for oculus rift users. Thats why.
  7. Just updated as well. Same issue :(
  8. Does anyone have any news regarding what to do? Still unplayable in 2.1.. Is there a fix in the works? :/
  9. This other member is me. Yes I have this extreme microstutter. FPS counter still shows high but it becomes unplayable.. Only in 2.1, it appears after a while. Sometimes after a short while (minutes) and sometimes after a long session. Seems like it has something to do with the level of detail. So in demanding enviroment it starts quick and it an empty nevada it takes a while and sometimes doesnt even start.. But one thing is sure, it makes 2.1 unplayable in VR for me. Tried with different nvidia drivers 387.95, 388 and 388.13 nothing helped.. Running 6700k with a gtx 1080 and 32 gb
  10. Are you used to flying the Su-27? It requires constant trim on the pitch axis..
  11. Im very interested in the mamba. How much is shipping to Denmark EU?
  12. Hello guys. I recently broke my warthog flight stick by screwing it on the wrong way. Turned out to be an easy fix, but before I realized that, I broke a connector off the PCB and tried a homemade soldering solution. I have not tested if it works, due to being in touch with thrustmaster, but they say the can't provide one of the cables I need. They could only get me a new PCB and female din connector (the top connector which you screw the stick itself onto, which is in my case, pushed down. Easy fix with glue...). Pics are attached And warranty is not covering this, since I bought it second
  13. Where are you located? Im mostly interested in the flight stick and the MFDs, since I have a working throttle. I recently broke my base..
  14. I just upgraded from a 390x to the 1070 and I'm not regretting anything. The performance in DCS and SQUAD which are the two games I play the most have increased so much from going with the green team. As the others are saying though, I dont think I would recommend going from a 970 to a 1070. And yes I play in 1080p
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