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  1. Dig through the available online docs to confirm whether it's a bug or not. ED use the same docs we can get our hands on
  2. If the aspect approaches 90dehrees, the lock will be broken as it enters the Doppler notch. Add height change to this and that’s the tactic to break a fighter locking you up.
  3. IDM is not TADIL associated. It was an early 9L type CAS and EW data transmission. Link 11 was originally HF for Naval vessels but then terminals were put on larger aircraft
  4. Aim to break at with G at 1% of airspeed through the turn.
  5. PRI/PRF DOES affect update rate. For a given scan volume, increasing PRF will give you a greater update rate. Basic physics. More pulses more updates
  6. Which mission is this mate. Unfortunately my pc is on a ship right now so I can’t look at DCS at all. But more info would help for when I’m reunited Mid October.
  7. Modern day RWR and Self Defence systems are far more capable than what DCS is modeling. What we currently have is based on basic 3rd gen RWRs which used a database of certain parameters. Let’s not over complicate the original post. Jeff radar received RWR symbology appears incorrect based on the RWR threat table.
  8. The received power level has to do with transmitted power, range, atmospheric conditions etc. not how many pulses hit the tgt.
  9. Radars don’t generally change power, they switch to higher PRF/PRI for faster update rates.
  10. RWR’s work on received power, checked against a database. They should then display either outside or inside the inner ring on the scope based on that
  11. Absolutely correct.
  12. I’d create a short trk file and post a bug report
  13. Man Rng Control is used to zoom the TGP magnification
  14. It’s not a case of “finding” the target slower in TWS, but the fact that you’re asking the FCR to Track While Scan. The computer has to build a track file and needs to see the tgt twice within 6.2 seconds to start tracking and build a file. TWS is still affected by notching same as RWS. It’s how the FCR processes and filters out low Doppler returns. RWS on the other hand is showing you “raw” returns on the FCR page (by raw I mean still has processing carried out).
  15. It doesn’t affect weapons at all. If you’re long/short with IAM, ensure you’re inputting the correct tgt altitude in the SP, or you are point tracking in the TGP
  16. If a contact turns to the notch (as it should if you’ve shot at it) then that’s correct that the radar drops lock. Fighter radars use Doppler to reject slow moving contacts. so the defence for being shot at is to notch and descend to break the lock. Add countermeasures and it works even better
  17. Always work your game plan to how the bandit reacts. If 2C isn’t working, try changing to 1C. Or use of the vertical, both up and down. Go down to use gods G and maintain speed
  18. What do you mean by can’t input coordinates? Are you entering via ICP 4? Then dobber down to enter Lat, Enter. Dobber down to enter Long, Enter
  19. It’s that way as A-A is more frantic and you have less time to move to MFDs
  20. There is a bug report about something similar.
  21. The position of the pinky switch can be very sensitive wrt this issue
  22. Are you using a TMWH joystick? If so check the position of your dogfight/Missile ovrd switch
  23. DACM communications are primary here, utilising BULLSEYE to ascertain which furball you’re referring to. F-16s merged BE 123/45, who’s defensive? Or Same but “say status” at the end instead for example
  24. They’re in the M4 MLU doc, which I thought was correct for a 2007 viper?
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