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  1. Fired 4 120C’s last night and all tracked fine.
  2. I just run a test mission and scored 100 with 4xTents and 4xAmmo dumps destroyed Edit On looking at mission goals, FARP stuff was set to ALIVE <75 and they are DEAD when hit by bombs. I'll release an update now
  3. CAT III limits AOA, roll rate etc, but shouldn't affect the FM
  4. Looking at the log it looks like whilst DCS is registering DEAD for the Ammo Dump statics, it's not registering DEAD for the Tents for some reason. I would post this on discord and ask if this is normal behaviour. Meanwhile, i'll amend the mission goal and remove the need for Tents as a progression and release an updated version. Appreciate teh feedback on this.
  5. There is an overall AMRAAM issue, not just related to Viper
  6. If you fire AMRAAM in TWS, you can support multiple missiles to pitbull. Just use TMS Right to ensure all are target tracks then cycle between them.
  7. Use the Separate function to see what is on the RWR. The Big Bird isn't used for Fire Control irl or in DCS.
  8. If you're landing on sped you should have adequate runway to stop the aircraft, unless you're landing on a very short runway. The "grip and drag" FM on landing is such that asymmetric loadout will seriously affect how the aircraft responds on the runway. As for why the asymmetric, I would you suggest that you did MSL Step inadvertently, hence why you ended up with the loadout you did.
  9. Yes they do. Use them and grayscale manual AGC all help in the short term.
  10. This is the correct procedure, but you MUST wait for ALIGN to flash in the HUD rather than the RDY in the INS page. This seems to be an ongoing misunderstanding with respect to Viper INS alignment. In both STORED or NORM, wait for flashing ALIGN in the HUD and you will be fine.
  11. So not sure how you’ve ended up with both weapons on 1 side of the jet, but in that instance yes you’ll need to trim. once the gear is down, you’re now into a different DCS engineered drag scenario that means different trim is required. Same for on the runway, DCS drag will affect you harshly with an asymmetric loadout. Rudder during 13deg AOA aero braking helps and then independent wheel braking until below 60kts, then NWS
  12. I’ll look into the log, but from your screenshots it appears you only hit the 4 Tents with ammo dumps still alive. All 8 need to be hit to progress.
  13. As far as I’m aware, you can only program 1 missile at a time. Set it up, shoot, set up next, shoot
  14. everything checks out mission scoring. 4 Ammo dumps and 4 HQ tents. Then land back at base
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