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  1. I have to chime in and say VR performance for me has been a bit disheartening since 2.5.6 and the recent updates have fixed nothing. In SP and instant action missions I can run @ 60FPS which i've recently set my odyssey to run at 60hz and it's nice, but if I join any populated MP servers I'm dropping down to like 30fps on the runways, and while it does improve a little once I get in the air, there are still significant drops in FPS that make the experience not fun at all while in VR. In 2.5.5 I was able to maintain at least 45fps for reprojection no matter what server or conditions I was
  2. I know this post is a few months old. But I have to say.. my first experience with DLSS was horrible. It wasn't far off from the downsampling options built into the game it was implemented in. But it was DLSS not DLSS 2.0. I just jumped in to a different title that I believe has to be using DLSS 2.0.. and it looked freaking amazing. Frankly I'd love to see this revisited by ED as an option. MSAA seems to have even more of a performance hit after the lighting update. FXAA or without AA leaves shimmering buildings and landscapes that tend to drive me crazy. I know it's a lon
  3. The FC3 aircraft are "simplified" but imo harder to set up controls for than clickpits.. as for click pits I just map my hotas to be similar to the real thing. For FC3 aircraft pretty much every button on my stick has dual functionality using the paddle on the WH stick for a modifier, and most of the buttons on my throttle are mapped for dual functionality too. Once done though, the major difference between them and full fidelity pits are that I have to click switches in the full fidelity pits to prepare for combat.. where by the time I'm in combat it's all hotas controls in both pit ty
  4. Wwhen creating or quoting a post or all you have to do is hit the youtube button up top towards the right and insert the part after "watch?v=" from the url between the command line it creates.. in this case buQ-gLVxrdI {YOUTUBE}buQ-gLVxrdI{/YOUTUBE} Except I replaced the brackets with { to show my example, pressing the youtube button enters the correct command. When editing your own post or using "q:reply" you can access this via the go advanced button, which lets you have all the posting controls. [YOUTUBE]buQ-gLVxrdI[/YOUTUBE]
  5. While overall, my frames have smoothed out in certain situations.. with 20+ people on Growling Sidewinder my FPS still tanks.. but once I'm off the ground I get back up to a steady 60fps for the most part. The saved games rebuild does seem to have smooth things out a bit as I was experiencing some weird framerate issues in SP. Seems turning Anisotropic filtering off in game and setting it to 16x in nv control panel/profileinspector helped a bit too. I'm not having the same experience with other servers. Hoggit for instance I pretty much stay at 60fps even when there's 20-30 people co
  6. Not saying you aren't already aware... but for anybody who sees this and decides to try it.. Be sure not to delete your original saved games\dcs folder.. mine was Saved Games\Dcs.openbeta and I simply renamed it to DCS.openbeta.bkp.. that way i was able to grab the input folder (DCS.openbeta.bkp\Config\Input) and drop it into the new folder created by DCS to save my controls.
  7. Edited my post thinking no one had replied to it yet but I think I was having some kind of conflict in my saved games folder.. and it wasn't just the fxo/metashaders folders either. I let it build a new dcs.openbeta folder in my saved games and my framerate seems much more consistent. Currently running at 160% SS in steamVR and msaa 2x in my odyssey. I also ran nvprofileinespector and changed some things up but I think that had less to do with my issues than whatever was going on in my saved games folder, which was likely still around from 2.5.5. Then again I need to check this ou
  8. so this post initially said something about my frames tanking on growling sidewinder.. but I think something might have been going on with my DCS install, as I renamed my saved games\DCS.openbeta folder and let the game rebuild it. I copied my input folder out of the old one.. and now I'm getting better performance than I was last night. Unfortunately, GS isn't as populated as it was last night when I joined but, I'm pretty sure there must have been some conflict in my saved games folder as my framerate seemed lessed consistant in certain scenarios even in single player yesterday. Goi
  9. I gave my TrackIR away after getting my Odyssey. There are a couple sims I refuse to fly, despite kind of wanting to, because they don't have VR support. like.. resolution be darned, I can't go back to a flat image on a screen vs looking to my right/left and seeing a life sized wing and being surrounded by a lifesized cockpit.
  10. Not something I've noticed personally and I have the OG Odyssey. You're on Win10 Build 2004? And you're adjusting the IPD in DCS not the PD setting, (Pixel density)? Can't tell if typo or not. ;)
  11. Honestly, reading this is disappointing. Guess I'll be sticking with my Cougar MFD's and adding a Blackhog b-explorer to my setup for less mouse necessity. And then... there's also this "Total Controls multi function box" which basically acts as a hornet/f-16 UFC with some optional attachements like landing gear and hook.. Stupid expensive hobby... making me wish I was rich and stuff.
  12. No flickering for me. I was just flying in another sim a bit ago @60hz and 60fps and it's amazing how much easier it is to identify the aircraft I'm looking at vs my experience with reprojection. Admittedly, before disabling reprojection, dropping to even 55 fps would kick on 30fps reprojection and that was no fun.. but once I disabled it.. dropping to 50-55fps is no big deal. YMMV i guess but getting a consistent 60fps and no reprojection artifacts feels is pretty awesome to me. Then again, I'm able to get away with msaa 2x due to the lower resolution with my headset. When I bum
  13. Frankly, I'm with the idea of some control assignments for 20-30 degrees or so. If I had to back up a vehicle looking over my shoulder with blinders on like I'm wearing a VR headset I'd never be able to do it. Yet.. without restrictions on my vision, I can see behind me looking over my shoulder just fine. Eyeballs pivot, ya know? It's why something like TrackIR works.. you can move your eyeballs right or left to keep looking at your screen as you turn your head.
  14. just now getting around to testing out DCS with WMR set to 60hz in my odyssey. disabled motion reprojection...and wow how nice is it not to have all the artifiacts caused by motion reprojection? lol. Undecided on whether I prefer the occasional hiccup with msaa 2x and 160% SS, or the shimmering with 200% SS and no msaa, with less dips to 50fps.. but, afaic 60hz VR is the way to go until hardware or a graphics API change gets us towards 90FPS in VR.
  15. You have one of the highest resolution headsets on the market.. vive pro, index, oculus, and pretty much every other WMR headset out there would have to increase either PD or supersampling to even get close to rendering the amount of pixels per eye you are. Adjusting either PD or SS = adjusting the rendering resolution, and given headsets come at different resolutions the effect it has on your system is a YMMV kind of scenario. To the OP - With liquid cooling (A decent AIO unit will do) you can probably get that 8600k to 4.7-4.8Ghz without much of a struggle.. but read a good guide on h
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