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  1. Hi Fender, Trying turning earlier after takeoff and turn Left not right...It may work for you. munga
  2. Sabre.....Call it strange or whatever!!!! I read it somewhere in the forum to update the video drivers...I did that and started the AATF2 mission. Alhough I noticed I wasn't able to takeoff due to many planes on the runway, I broke the rules and managed to takeoff.{naughty me!!!}. The mission continued and I can hear the Tanker and see it. I managed to refuel and RTB at Kobeliti. Although I had damaged the plane a little on landing, I had passed the AAFT 2 Once again call it strange{BTW I was flying with out my instructor, he was still stuck on the taxiway} munga
  3. HI, I have tried again and again.....this time I see F-15's but still no tanker...UHF is 251... I do not know what to do with this.....AAFT1 is no different then AAFT2 but its at night time..."correct"... Is it worth restarting or resetting the Campaign??? .....There is something wrong with the script here because my first one tonight I couldn't leave the ground because there was A-10C blocking runway 7....{no plane was moving}... i need help please...
  4. HI Sabre, Yes I do use NVGs....I will double check UHF 251 setting again tonight, however I rarely do touch this unless advised or instructed. munga
  5. Hi Gents, I tried again.....still no go...I do not use acceleration at all and I can see two F-16Cs but no tanker....
  6. HI All, I am not sure what is going on with AATF 2, but I cannot see the tanker at all...I have tried twice restarting this mission but no joy....:( Tried viewing via the external friendly view{F2 key} and no joy there {I cannot see the tanker}, but I have noticed two aircraft's are stuck at the end of the runway at Kobeliti (A-117&C-130 is suppose to be normal?) Tacan x05 cannot see it.....I do not know what to do with this mission as I cannot move onto the next... Munga
  7. Many thks Sporg.....I think, I have found the issue within the SST program...It maybe the slider function....I have deleted the action and I will test it in coming days..
  8. Hi Pilots, I have Win 10 pro installed on my PC and the DCS game works like a treat:thumbup:.{no CTD,no FPS issues...very smooth} Had purchase the saitek x-52 pro and configured the joystick with no issue, but I do have the Saitek SST profile and trackIR running as well...Here is the issue At times!!! when I close down DCS-A10c, my win10 pro goes bananas.. :helpsmilie: 1...It automactically starts DCS world again 2...My mouse clicks start blinking when trying to disable Saitek profile...{hard to disbale the profile} 3...My desktop icons all seem to be highlighted... This all started when purchase the saitek pro...I am not sure if the Saitek program is causing this. The only way I can stop this is by forcing the PC to shutdown {manually}.. Any suggestions anyone!!!!! then again!!! has anyone experience this erretic behaviour ??? munga
  9. PILOTS, Don't give up!!!!...Yes I know it frustrating....Remeber the 3 "p's" 1...Patience 2...Practice & 3...Perfection It took me just over 8 hours to perfect AAR....Many times I felt like giving up.... Munga
  10. Attention DCS software designers {or whatever you call yourselves these days}:smartass: I am a father of two and I love my A-10c Warthog to death, however it comes a time as a father you’re called upon away from your PC. I have started to play a number of missions of late and most of the times, I cannot get back on my computer chair. I have no other option but to exit the mission and start again when time available. I don’t understand as to why there is no game saving feature or option in such an advanced combat simulated game… I have other Sim games I own eg.FSX & Prepard3D and they have it. I am sure other members in this forum will feel the same as well. A BIG REQUEST….Can someone in the DCS software engineering world come up with a solution in creating a feature in Saving a Flight or Mission on the Warthog….{ I don’t care if I have to pay for it, but I believe it’s one of biggest missing feature missing from this simulator.} :thumbup:
  11. Hi All, Don't worry ...I'd started doing a fresh profile...it was quick and easy....thks for all the replies
  12. Hi All, My last PC crashed completely...{motherboard issue} ...replaced motherboard, installed win 10 pro..all good!! Installed dcs world and A10c all good.... recovered my joystick profile file from old HDD and transferred it to the new drive....I can see it but it won't load my assigned hotas configurations... Am I missing something here or do I need to through the pain in assigning the joystick again..?????:joystick:
  13. Hi Sabre, It took me 6 go's on the Practice mission before I could start the offical PO, however you mention a zone around the waypoint...do you know the range??? Obtaining the Altitude is not the issue here as mentioned before I have done this mission 6-8 times over and can confirm 8000ft, 10000ft, 12000ft and 8000 ft {i know this in order!!:) Munga
  14. Need Help on BFT-10.... I am finding it hard to complete this mission. 1..The first waypoint is fine no problem. The remaining three tasks, I am finding it hard to figure out reaching the waypoints on time....Considering my airspeed and DTOT are matched up, I am other to late or early. :(:unsure: I have watched the youtube of recon stewart many times and I have also noticed weird timing issues which funny enough it passed him.... Can someone explain to me as to when do I start to insert + 5mins on DTOT..for eg ...Do I wait until the FE stops reading out the instruction or do I need to enter it ASAP???!!!!! I am at a loss here....many time I haven;t quite reached the waypoints and I have passed the required time.....:dunno: many thks
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