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  1. "Now we will focus on finding ways to develop both the Gazelle and the new module in parallel." https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=4045817&postcount=33 Since Sven already mentioned that pilots all have varying opinions, then why should we care about "two pilots say it's good" or "our pilot testers disagree with the forum ones" at all then? It cuts both ways.
  2. I enjoy the Huey and Mi-8 more because they feel like real flying real helis with character while the Gazelle is so easy and ignores so many behaviours that it's borderline arcade, which isn't fun.
  3. The "locking" functionality doesn't play by the same rules as the player input, so it's even stronger than what is even possible for you to add. That's why, even at max deflection, the camera will still slew too slowly to fight the yaw rate. There's not even any way to evaluate whether it behaves realistically or not since there's no way to deactivate the locking functionality, and the control of the Viviane seems centered around heavily relying on it rather than based on the real thing. Hopefully the Kiowa will be based on the real behaviour and then any shortcuts will work within those
  4. Don't think Razbam would have an issue with it considering that they posted BO-105 screenies on their own facebook page. But technically, maybe :P
  5. The upcoming campaign that I linked is incompatible with non-SC users *only* because the spawn count on the free carrier is about half of that of the DLC equivalent. It is the only barrier there is. That's not capitalism at it's finest, that's just lazy development. But sure, if they won't be arsed to fix the carriers and thus allow more people to buy the campaign, that's their choice, it's a lose-lose.
  6. Eagerly awaiting the Plus version as well, reckon it would be a big selling point as it's currently 90% A2G only.
  7. It only works for low-fidelity self-made individual missions. Campaign missions tend to be more complex in terms of scripting, spawns, triggers and so on. It has already begun - an upcoming carrier-based campaign is unable to run without Supercarrier because of these issues, solely because the spawn counts are so different.
  8. Is there ever any chance that there will be campaigns utilizing the supercarrier? It's becoming less and less likely because of all the requirements. "To buy this campaign you must have X aircraft and Y map and Z add-on", so that the campaign itself is a fraction of the cost to run it, meaning only a fraction of the players can and will utilize it. Is there no way to impose limits to deal with this? Say, if you buy a campaign you can use the map and/or add-ons for it, but only for that campaign. Opening up to a much wider base as well as serving as a good "teaser" to get more people to b
  9. Ganbei! *downs his baijiu* Glad to hear that you took some time off, well deserved. As for aircraft, as I understand it you're not allowed to make active-duty PLAAF ones, but how about a Soviet Tu-16 'Badger' (predecessor to the Xian H6) ? Two engines are within the technical limits of the game, first bomber ever in the game, appropriate for plenty of scenarios - certainly a very different kind of module.
  10. It's just not good business practice to show trailers and charge pre-orders when you can't even guarantee something as simple as "Is X aircraft compatible with this module?" as of yet, because for alot of customers that's a dealbreaker.
  11. How is it sensible to pile on $40 for CA on top of the $50 supercarrier just to be able to drive the damn thing? If they charge aircraft module-level prices people should expect that level of control and fidelity.
  12. To be honest that's nothing compared to other 3rd party devs where you're barely getting an update every 6 months which is mostly just saying "Will bring you more news soon".
  13. Those people have already proven that they'll throw lots of money at a half-baked product. Why would they give an extra discount to the customers that care about it the least? It's just fun to watch the perks of buying the Hornet turn into an empty sales pitch when it comes down to it.
  14. Great to hear, your modelling and texture work is outstanding, coupled with some Razbam/HB code it's a winner.
  15. Has a Mistral even been fired from a Gazelle operationally?
  16. Before binding the flaps and speed brake I was literally unable to drop below 200 knots despite having gear out and idle throttle. Made for some silly landing attempts. :)
  17. Indeed, very nice work! Just hope you havent overworked yourself 996-style, if so you deserve a rest :) You did it!
  18. Looks interesting, gonna hold off until the Gazelle fixes though as it speaks volumes about the longevity of the modules we purchase. If the Gazelle isn't fixed, what can we expect when the Kiowa is having issues while you're working on the next module?
  19. I mapped mine to a G25 shifter so that it's always on. But yes, it's weird.
  20. As PickleMonster already mentioned, turn off force feedback. It completely breaks the controls (think something like huge deadzone and extremely weird behavior), unlike every other module without FFB that at least defaults to a normal spring-loaded stick. It was announced ages ago as not being developed any further and has never been fixed (despite promises as such). Which is why I have pretty much zero expectations of seeing it for the Kiowa, and a significant reason to reconsider buying it. Works wonderfully in the Huey, Mi-8 and especially the KA-50.
  21. Isn't that study primarily about the supposedly popular laptop producers and ready-made PCs? Nowadays the norm is to build your own/let a friend build one/shop assembles it, the lack of choice and silly prices scared people off. Id sooner look at AMD, Intel and Nvidia stocks over the last 5 years for that, theyre all on the up-and-up. But anyways, using it exclusively for DCS is the outlier at hand
  22. Sephyrius


    Nevermind, seems like MAR-1 and LD-10 fit the same bill. Please ignore.
  23. Looking forward to checking it out. And alright, hoped it would at least have a general similarity. I think it would be useful for people to know what setup your real life pilots use the module with, for example the twitchy and very sensitive feel of the Gazelle might be a completely different experience for a $1000 floor mounted helicopter cyclic and your average joe with his T16000M. On that note, Im guessing that there wont be any FFB support for the Kiowa?
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