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  1. hi again I've just run DEBUG_debriefmission.bat and here's the result: Would it help ?
  2. Thanks Miguel, Sadly, I tried it with no luck. Still the same: after the first mission, exiting, DCS is crashed (lock ?), though i can read the debriefing text and the batch generate the "ongoing" second mission. But DCS won't iterate the campaign, so i'm stucked with mission 1..... any idea ?
  3. when i exit the first mission, i have the debriefing in tetxt format, then the script generate the next mission, but DCS is loscked in state 3 2021-01-22 13:28:18.744 INFO VISUALIZER: StopSimulation 2021-01-22 13:28:18.787 INFO VISUALIZER: Stopped collection of statistic. 2021-01-22 13:28:18.881 INFO EDCORE: (dDispatcher)enterToState_:3
  4. Yeah plus one there, the same. I've just installed Tomcat over the gulf and SC, with last scriptMod20.38.01, but after the first mission, when exiting, DCS CTD on the loading screen, but i have debrief of mission, and script generate the second one in a dos box....anyway....DCS is crashed: In the log file i have "ERROR SCRIPTING: Mission script error: [string "C:\Users\SIMU\AppData\Local\Temp\DCS.openbeta\/~mis00007E29.lua"]:979: Unit doesn't exist stack traceback: [C]: ? [C]: in function 'getPlayerName' [string "C:\Users\SIMU\AppData\Local\Temp\DCS.openbeta\/~m
  5. you were right; actually the copilot default ROE is "return fire", which is a no go, as soon as i switched back to "hold", i had full use of GUNS. I use the uh-1h since ages, and i still discover things to learn (that's the DCS power !) Thanks Mr ! Cheers
  6. .....The title is pretty explanatory: How (or why) for the hell can ('t) i operate the minigun from the right seat pilot ? I ve no problem with the 2.75 mm rockets though. I've set everything as explained in marvelous chuck guide..... Thanks for the explanation....
  7. My only workaround was switching back to Matra530 before flight, while briefing, on ground. Mission worked like a charm.
  8. ....when RTB. And most frustrating, even we did 100% tragets, ther's no "Mission complete" when returning to parking area. Just to report. Cheers
  9. I confirm the bug. It's related to 4xmagic Missile loadout. when firing it at a target, whatever it's a Gazelle or a SU24, that's DCS CTD. Same Log.
  10. First, so sorry for your loss and RIP to your RIG i understand the pain !.....just to be clear, if after the reaper's "break" i choode to enforce and taking the target ALONE (what a work !), jamming is off so the package then arrive, banshee and the others does the job....and the mission works. But getting the primary targets out while facing ALONE AAA and 4 tigers + 4 Mig etc....is deadly difficult, and the only way to unlock the triggers. My point: as mission 15, just after the break, F10 give the choice player to move on the mission (in this case, banshee, which we must f
  11. Your problem i s not on the ground but once over sally as i understand. I just made it and there's no problem, you have to sadle with the package and once done monitor CHANNEL2 on RED and 8(Mission) on GREEN....not sally which is 6. The channels are listed on your kneeboard I think it was the problem. Cheers
  12. Hi That's the second time i play this marvelous campaign; I did flew Mission 8 6times, and i'm positive there's another bug as Reapers/Banshee ans the whole package are stucked circling forever around wpt2. After break in, if i push NOE alone to WPT3 to intercept the PRIMARY (IL76jamming), Banshee should clear the path, which he'snot. I tried to edit those WPT (4 and 5 for REAPER) with no luck (except staying close to Ztiltch in those high speed steep turns are a bit easier)....but won't help except burning fuel for nothing. Could someone have a look ? PS: I'm on
  13. Course....and you're right, but it's a kind of nonsense; cheating by flying barely VFR, while JVN are forbidden....? I don't understand the point of the designer, who enforce the cheating possibilitys....Sorry
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