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  1. You can find the exact number in the script (db countries.lua) that you will find (HDD: \ Eagle Dynamics \ DCS World OpenBeta \ Scripts \ Database \ file ... or .... HDD: \ Program Files \ Eagle Dynamics \ DCS World OpenBeta \ Scripts \ Database \ file ....). db countries.lua shows 11 countries in the list l-39 c / za (Google translate)
  2. v 2.5.1 the cargo camera is inoperative. Only a frame is visible
  3. The L-39 C or ZA is designed from the 1960s. So it's a good feeling to fly, just because you really drive it and not a computer. The next time you destroy a target, it is a lot of patience and pilot skills. It is important to get this experience if you move to another type of aircraft when a more modern machine than Albatros (Albík) does not forgive the bugs against the L-39. Albatros has many good qualities and is used by many states in its arsenal and private hands. It's not about being available but about being a really great plane. Its past to its origin was as tricky as its predecesso
  4. That works very well. I personally use it for a long time, and it's reliable, specifically because I have about 11G skin patches in a single folder for all DCS versions I use. Just follow the instructions given by "SkateZilla" Google Translate https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=174462
  5. CZECH AIR FORCE 3805 B-737CJ - One great MODS
  6. Let the newly renovated air base Senaki They did it Danvac, Fido, Paura CZ and Gimloo Dcs Great MOD !!!!! (Google translator)
  7. Cockpit_L-39C script -- rename it to description.lua livery = { --[[ uncomment lines for customized dds/tga/bmp files --]] --{"L39-CPT-PANEL-02", 0, "l39-cpt-panel-02", true}; --{"L39-CPT-PANEL-02", 2, "l39-cpt-panel_spec-02", true}; --{"L39-CPT-PANEL-01", 0, "l39-cpt-panel-01", true}; --{"L39-CPT-PANEL-01", 2, "l39-cpt-panel_spec-01", true}; --{"L39-CPT-FONAR-03", 0, "l39-cpt-fonar-03", true}; --{"L39-CPT-FONAR-03", 2, "l39-cpt-fonar_spec-03", true}; --{"L39-CPT-FLOOR", 0, "l39-cpt-floor", true}; --{"L39-CPT-FLOOR", 2, "l39-cp
  8. HUD customizations in alpha LINK:HUD Mirage alfa 2.1.1 mod
  9. New modified "db_countries.lua" texture aircraft "IL" for FR, PAK, IND, valid for DCS World OpenBeta (DCS 1.5.6) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4CkmAxdn--5Y0N6c3FqYnFQUnc/view?usp=sharing
  10. The problem is in the name of a 3D model in a common script weapons Sample (Goole compiler)
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