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  1. I wanted the mission to work as follows: One heli lands and embarks a soldier at wp x. After embarking the heli goes on to wp y and embarks more soldiers. It did not work the way I expected it. The heli ignores wp x and goes directly to wp y, wher it embarks the soldiers. Then on to next wp, Why does the heli ignore wp x ? I uploaded the short .miz file. So one the experts can look for what I`m doing wrong. doubleTransport-Test.miz
  2. I found out, that in DCS it`s possible that light sources REALLY work. Look at the picture. Why is this not possible on all airports and air fields and everywhere in DCS ? I`d like to know.
  3. Danke, der Sonntagabend ist jetzt ausgebucht. Üben, üben...!
  4. Hallo, ich muss den Thread nochmal benutzen, da eine Frage zum TGP bei mir unbeantwortet ist. Situation: Ziel mit TGP ausgewählt und im point-track-mode. Waffe ist die AGM 65D. Sensor zeigt ungefähr in Richtung Ziel. Kann ich die Daten des TGP direkt an die AGM "senden" ? Und wenn JA, wie ? Würde gern so vorgehen, weil mit dem TGP das Ziel leichter zu lokalisieren ist.
  5. Installed in Nov. 2020. No problems.
  6. Quick jump in ! Is there a key cmd for auto starting the A10 II ?
  7. I think we need working light sources like LightTowers which light up Objects at night. It`s bad parking your jet under light tower and its still absolut black. I would pay some money for this, or maybe some more.
  8. You mean, you place the airplanes in the ME already in the air ? I`m not really sure, but what about trying the "Time More" trigger ? I give it a try tomorrow and let you know what I found out.
  9. How about a screenshot or better a short track file ?
  10. If you want the groups start later than mission start, why not use the "uncontrolled" option ? I never use "late activation" cause I don`t like it when not ALL items appear at mission start.
  11. Never touched Steam, so I Don`t know about it. Normaly you download all from EDs website, the free map and planes and of course every item you bought directly from ED. These you can download directly inside the game.
  12. mal direkt zur Sache. Habe einen fast neuen MAD CATZ F.L.Y.5 Der hat viele Knöpfe und geteilte Schubregler. Schau dir das Ding doch mal im Netz an. Wenn du Interesse hast, einfach Nachricht (PM)
  13. Just created one under "Create Fast Mission" with a JTAC on VHF FM Radio Two. Works well so far. Contacting JTAC ok, but reply was just " No further tasking available, good job, you may depart" Strange, but no other bug showed up. btw. no chance to save the mission, only track is possible.
  14. Good replys all ! But whatever the pros and cons are, PLEASE more realistic in the future.
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