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  1. Think you should have ended up in MECH .... cables to the Stabs.
  2. Its its much improved .... ATC in Approach mode is however unusable.
  3. Thanks to Rackham's Flight controls indicator mod you can in effect do the same thing. Requires replacing 2 LUA files with his modified ones. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3300978/ With Rackhams Mod when you go Flaps Half/Full a small white cross appears that is an Analog representation of trimmed AOA. If you trim so its exactly as shown below at -2.5 units on the scale Voila you are at 8.1 Alpha. I played around with the LUA file to add two White Ref markers at the 8.1AOA position to make it a little easier to find the 8.1 alpha position:
  4. I believe Some time around 2017 or so a software update provided Ref trim AOA in the HUD in Flaps Half/Full. As you trim the AOA you are trimming to is shown. The digits are removed a second or so after trim input stops. Makes it easy to trim straight to On speed ... just trim until you see 8.1 This obviously is not incorporated in DCS ..... Be nice if it was. Before this update there was I believe a way to call up a "BLIN" ? code or Memory Inspect code (which I guess was the 3250 he refers to in the vid) that reflected the current trim state. The Blue Angles jets were modified anyway and had a variation of the Trim AOA in the HUD that was displayed full time, In Flaps Auto it showed current trimmed ref G and as above Trimmed AOA with Flaps Auto/Full, though the G ref was prefixed with TG and displayed below the horizon line on the right hand side and the ref AOA was prefixed with T& (replace "&" with Alpha symbol) and displayed above the horizon line. It was also displayed on the FCS page below the G-Lim line.
  5. Another point. UPDT option should it be displayed/available if in POS/AINS ?
  6. Ok Re arm refuel and post flight update makes sense. Just been out trying various update modes. Started POS INS with Drift established by sitting on the ground for 1 Hr before take off to be 217/0.5nm. WYPT the intersection of the rwys at POTI. Airborne both HUD Designated diamond and EXP 2 Stabilsed cue show drift in relation to rwy intersection as expected. Attempted RDR designation, refined the designation to the runway intersection attempted DSG update .... no error just pressed ACPT .... no change error still present. Next attempted DSG UPDT using the HUD to refine the designation to the Rwy intersection same deal no change. So then attempted both Manual and AUTO Overfly update with TDC assigned to the HI then activated TDC as I overflew the runway intersection, neither worked. I presume in your method of Overfly update you press DSG as you fly over the WYPT then ACPT ? Then performed TCN update and pressed ACPT ... it worked. So to me, the only UPDT that works using correct procedure (minus error display) is the TCN update. HUD,RDR and Overfly dont.
  7. I got the TCN update to work ... minus the error display. Though in the process discovered another bug. If trying to enter Lat Long in the TACAN data table it will only accept a Lat or Long whichever is the first entered, but the other coordinate is not accepted. Tholozor using WPTDSG doesnt seem a logical thing to me. WPTDSG is going to form the TGT on the position that will be subject to system drift, so updating on that is updating on "itself" so to speak is it not ? What is the purpose of a post flight Ovfly update in the Sim ? I understand the reasoning and purpose IRL but don't see the value in the sim. Do in OVFLY updates (Both manual and Auto) work in the Sim . I have tried and dont really see working .... off to test some more
  8. The UPDT option on the HSI brings up the ACPT REJ options but alas does not do anything. What should happen when performing an update is the calculated error should be displayed in the centre upper portion of the HSI. The pilot then evaluates the error and decides to apply the update by pressing ACPT or reject the update by pressing REJ. See graphic below. Without any displayed error you are achieving nothing. So at the moment it is not implemented. Same occurs with the various DSG options. Graphic below in POS/INS Attempted TCN update on Batumi 16X which is in the TACAN data base.
  9. Graphically the RAAF Circuit looked like this: Downwind spacing achieved by tracking the Aim9 Rail down the runway centreline Base turn point was judged by looking down the diagonal of the Runway threshold markings "Piano keys" After rolling out on final the VV was moved from the threshold to the 500ft markers thus transitioning from -7 deg flight path around base to a 3 degree flight path to touchdowm. This required about 2 % increase in N2. Seems the DCS FA18C needs about 2%N2 above all the numbers shown here.
  10. The Update routines are not yet implemented as far as I can make out. FWIW A Tacan update is about the lowest order update there is/was. The single best update possible is/was the Overfly update. Perhaps they think everyone will be flying with POS/AINS so no real need for the update routines ??
  11. RAAF 1987 FA18A Clean +2XAIM9 : On Initial 400K-450K, 1500ft, Formation 4 sec interval on the break. Maintain 1500 Ft. Downwind with Sidewinder rail on the runway Reconfig Gear Full flap 85%N2. VV 0 On speed Base turn when Piano keys can be seen as a diagonal. -7 on the VV, 30deg AOB 80%N2 On speed Transition to 3 deg FP on short final 82% N2 On speed For touch and go: Mil pwr After Take off Gear up Flaps Auto Crosswind @ 400' 200Kts 85%N2 VV +5, 30-35 deg AOB Downwind 200K Flaps Auto 1500' VV 0, 79% N2 Runway Cl tracking down the sidewinder rail Then as per above from reconfig
  12. Ok thanks for the info. I am familar with Fighter to fighter AA Tacan.
  13. Yep in the A the Thrust % field was displayed on the DDI EMD page but never saw any value displayed it was always blank. Looking at an FA18A NATOPS Pg1-4 Change 3 dated 15 Jun 1984 under the EMD DDI display description it says: "Thrust is only displayed during ground run engine runup check". C is the same see text under the diagram NATOPS Fig 2-3 Engine Monitor Display EMD Page 1-2-6
  14. I cant recall seeing the %Thrust field populated in FA18A it was always blank.... circa 1985
  15. Interesting read on the links. In the research I have done it would seem the KC10, KDC10 and some RAF VC10 have/had bearing capability. So at present none of the current DCS Tankers should have bearing capability. It would follow that when using AA TACAN for range then the receiver needs to colonise :AA and be 63 channels away from the Tanker.... up to 6 receivers can do this. On those Tankers with both Bearing and range (None at present DCS) then the question is does the receiver just treat it like a normal TACAN ... just tune it up and only needs :T/R colonised, and any number of receivers can use it.
  16. Climbing and accelerating (in terms of Mach no) is not unusual and is part of the standard Rutowskii energy profile climb technique. That is Climbing at constant CAS with increasing Mach. Though doing it as described with external tanks to Mach 1.6 is BS. Clean or with 2 AIM9s is I believe perfectly reasonable.
  17. Something odd with Tanking and AA Tacan. Its many moons for me since using AA Tacan but my memory and discussion with current Hornet drivers is that I shouldn't be getting Bearing from the Tanker just range. To get TACAN from the tanker I need to colonise :AA on the TCN selection ... fair enough I should also have Tune the TACAN to 63 channels away from the Tanker freq to get range (and range only).... i.e standard AA Tacan practice. At present If I build a mission with a Tanker its default Tacan channel is 1X. I enter the mission and tune 1X ... I dont see anything, I colonise :AA and I get Tacan bearing and range from the tanker. That is not correct imo. In Real life with a Tanker on Channel 1X, I would need to select Channel 64X on my set and colonise :AA .... and then I get range only. I think the current implementation is incorrect.
  18. Minimum IAS value that can be displayed in the HUD is 48kts.
  19. In the extensive testing I have done there is no difference between Real time or Accelerated time. The bug is the same.
  20. Tested with Just MK84 on the centreline. No Change CCIP and DIL still displaced as a function of flight Time. Weapon impacts directly under VV. ASL Issues the Same on new designation ASL Pops up displaced to Left as per previous.
  21. Will test on Centrline only. However the angle the DIL leans over is a function of time, the longer you fly the more it leans over.
  22. The paddle/G lim override is intended to only be used for "Oh S... I need more to stop hitting the ground type events". You then get 33% more available G above the current limit for as long as you hold the paddle down.
  23. HSI AC DATA has a page that shows Wind direction and speed ... had a look it just says wind direction 045 with no velocity in this scenario.IRL it should show INS derived wind speed and direction. EDIT: Just put 40Kts of wind in at all levels. Velocity doesn't show up on the AC Data page just reads 0. So yet to be implemented I think. EDIT2: And of course with real wind present in AG mode the VV,Pitch ladder and all other linked symbology drifts down wind in the HUD.
  24. As I understand it IRL when the RADALT warning goes off the top option window of the UFC shows :RALT, you can silence he warning by de-colonising the RALT option, when you do that the RALT legend extinguishes. So just a quick way to kill the warning.
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