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  1. No link is fine just commenting the Infamous "windscreen Bar" is absent in the video
  2. These are the actual tuning boards for a real YAK52 ADF located in the rear fuselage. So the freqs can only be set up on the ground i.e. a maintenance task.... funjob :)
  3. The statement in the manual doesn't mean you physically get the nose gear off the ground at 90 Kmh. The idea is to reduce the load on the nosewheel by applying some bacstick.
  4. See attached PDF may be of some use DCS ADF in Yak52oz.pdf
  5. Some cockpit warning lights, Gear,flap, Fuel gauge but thats it.
  6. Real Yak52 doesnt have any :)
  7. B737 Max .... Pull back Stick Houses get smaller, Pull stick back further houses get bigger.
  8. Just need Mirage III/Dagger and GR3 and FRS1 Sea Harrier for the Falklands :)
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