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  1. Even the Humble Mirage III could do 750Kts IAS on the deck
  2. I restarted and Markings are back. Either way its a bug though it would seem a random one.
  3. Just noticed the New rain sound associated with new cloud presets. The rain sound continues for quite a while after you climb above the rain cloud. Same on descent the rain sounds before entering cloud or being in rain.
  4. Err I would have thought the lower RPM for Long range and the higher RPM for short range ?
  5. Open Beta Ver 2.7 I havent checked all the airfields but think its Global on the Nevada map. (Caucus,Persian Gulf,Syria all ok) Nellis and McCarran runways and raxi ways are devoid of all Runway and taxiway markings.
  6. Damper tweaks in Ver 2.7 imo make the MIG29 a much nicer aeroplane down final. The pitch sensitivity to both pilot input and config changes is much improved. it sits there quire nicely on the Glide slope with much less tendency to oscillate in pitch.
  7. Just checked some of the Syrian ID's and they differ from the main list in Slip Havocs post. I used the MIG29 to verify these. They are as of Version 2.7 Open Beta. Same table as above in PDF Syria_Afld_ID_Mig29.pdf
  8. Some extra ones for Syria based on Update 2.7 34 Rosh Pina 35 Sayqal 36 Shayrat 37 Tabqa 38 Tafttanaz 39 Tiyas 40 Wujah Al Hajar (same as 33 ? one may be Heliport) 41 Naqoura (H)
  9. Its a limitation. Rwy and Approach lights are Time dependent only. It would be nice to Have a ATC option for the pilot to call for them.
  10. The Mode select lever is located kind of out of site behind the seat.... so probably not visible in the Sim
  11. After the change to the PFM and new cockpit a few changes to the MIG29 came along and a few omissions. It would be nice (pending a full detail MIG29 model) that a few things were corrected NAV SYSTEM Please some waypoint numbers in the HUD (A la SU25T). These numbers should reflect the active/selected Waypoint in ENR mode and the Airfield ID number (which should be published for each map) in RTN and LNDG modes.(This should be carried on to the SU27/33 as well ... at least the map in the 27/33 allows you to have a rough idea what you are steering to) HSI ILS NEEDL
  12. Just revisiting the MIG29. (and loving it). Why is it that when performing an ILS to an airfield equipped with a Russian ILS system in LDG sub mode that the HSI ILS needles only come alive at around 9Km ? Yet the FD circles in the HUD and the fD bars on the ADI all come in to view when you go into LNDG mode and the H and r HUD legends appear. I would have thought all would be displayed at the same time. HSI ILS needles appearing at 9Km is a bit useless
  13. The DME component of a VORDME station is not working on any map. Seems if the DME section of the coding has been missed. It would also seem that ILSDME has not been coded at all. The DME component in a VORTAC works just fine.
  14. Is the speed command pointer enabled in the 101CC ? I would think that IRL it would only operate say with Gear down then ref the AOA On speed ? Doesn't seem to work at all in the Sim
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