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  1. First I want to thank Ed for their hard work! keep it up guys! I saw in the video a problem with the slam-er separation at: I have already reported this bug cuz it affects the slam, harpoon and jsow . it seems like it affects all A/G missile section.
  2. Royal Australian Air Force F/A-18A Hornet receiving fuel while flying a mission in support of Operation Okra over Iraq. We can clearly see a GBU-32 mounted on a BRU-55 in a Combat mission.
  3. thanks for taking the time to show the bug from another perspective! I never thought of slowing down time to figure it out. I will try it with JSOW because the separation looks weird too
  4. Hi, As the video is showing. the Slam and Jsow separation is wrong. for the slam, it behaves like if it was propelled forward by a rocket when pressing the weapon pickle and it's the same for a jsow but in this case it's propelled verticaly (down) logically it works like : https://youtu.be/F-dSg3NSUEQ?t=22 Jsow video: https://youtu.be/qst15XrA5ts?t=28 Thanks slamv2.mp4
  5. Hi , first i’ want to thank you for maintaining this great work ! after the last update and with the shaders mod on . I can no longer see the helicopters rotors or the airplanes propellers while running ! any idea about this issue ? Thanks!
  6. I understand that it’s still a work in progress but Talking about FCS... A review Posted by a real F/a-18 hornet pilot @FightsOn 3 years ago... mentioned some issues still present . « 1. After the first engine starts, and the generator comes online the TEF’s are completely X’d out. Normally the TEF’s are not completely X’d out in the real jet, as they are extremely redundant. Most the time it’s a LEF, Rudder, Aileron or combination thereof that are X’d out. In addition, the control surfaces that are X’d out across all available channels still respond to stick input. That’s only accur
  7. +++1 and i’m also wondering why it’s in the wishlist ! It’s an actual feature !
  8. +1 . It’s weird all these features are still missing and in the original post it’s marked as feature complete!
  9. here you go https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3302800/
  10. Same for me ! coming back from a mission and switching to Carrier’s Tacan . I usually notice that the numbers are frozen and to troubleshoot it i need to power it off and get it back on.
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