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  1. Un C2 sería compra de primer día para mi. Espero que pronto alguien tenga ganas de traer uno a DCS
  2. +1 Sería ideal para reducir algunos problemas que se dan a veces entre las dos aplicaciones de realidad virtual.
  3. Hi friends, I have an x56 and I am trying to assign the throttle rotaries to the lights commands, but it won't let me assign axes, can anyone help me? Thank you
  4. An e2 could be done even simulating the radar as they do now, only working if the plane is in the indicated place. We must also think that the flight model in DCS is superior to that of other simulators.
  5. Icebeat. But it works? My idea is to put a touch monitor with helios running in front.
  6. Hi, did anyone try it? Does it work with DCS?
  7. A nadie parece interesarle mucho pero sería fantástico.
  8. Will we ever see this? https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=959882581036137
  9. apparently it creates a window where the monitor is, will it be so difficult to program something like that?
  10. And why not? Aircraft modules have been made for anything massive before. I do not understand why it generates so much rejection within the fighters any interest in tankers, transports or awacs. Anyway, it is impossible for any aircraft of this type to be made.
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