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  1. This exactly. The Ka-50 quickly fell out of production in favour of Ka-52. Additionally, Russia doesn't have anything similar to US public information act which would mean it doesn't ever have to declassify documentation on obsolete military equipment. Many counties work that way (for example MiG-29B manual is still classified in Serbia). So we are kinda luckly we get a late 1980s, relatively modern Russian rotary craft. And even with this in mind when Russian legislature about simulating modern military equipemnt changed recently ED had to step back and reevaluate how they are doing Blackshark 3. With this in mind I highly doubt we'll be seing contemporarily equiped Russian aircraft any time soon.
  2. I havent flown recenty, but technically the checkbox shouldnt even be there anymore.
  3. By turning special options off, flying with iit off and turning them on again and comparing RWR operation with one and the other setting. This change wasn't documented in great detail.
  4. I don't know of they frequent the forums or want to expose themselves, but I know LazzySeal has a video of one of them landing in MiG-29 just affer the PFM update on Youtube. So they do seem to fly in DCS.
  5. Probably manpower issues. Ever sinve Magnitude 3 and Heatblur split Magnitude has been operating with very few people. I'm guessing that's why it takes so long to fix bugs or implement features. This does guve me concern about their ability to support multiple products in the future. They are already spread very thin with 3 modules they released.
  6. I think it's not as useful of a tactic unless you are in a situation where you are running out of energy before your enemy is. But MiG-29 has two nearly overpowered engines for it's size that do a better job of keeping your aircraft under control than depoying flaps would do, so a situation where deploying flaps would be better then just pushing full afterburner is extremely rare.
  7. Does this break integrity, though?
  8. Dependong if you're willing to part with realism you could set the Ka50 into game mode. I think that will allow you 3rd person view and without losing the necessary functionaloty to fly the Ka50. Otherwise I'd highly recommend you keep to the cockpit, where all of the instruments needed to fly and fire weapons are. Also sound cues. You know it's posible to clip the rotors into each other at high speeds and during turns in certain regimes right? You wont gwt sound cues out of cockpit.
  9. Tell them It's for historical archiving, haha. Btw where did you get the ini-cockpit engine sound from, then?
  10. Already part of VODKA Squadron We are few and mostly fly on Cold War.
  11. That's odd. Why would it do that? Not like your radar is flooding your own RWR.
  12. Thanks. I think GIMP isnt it loading them properly then.
  13. Hello everyone, I want to edit the back ASP texture of the MiG-21 cockpit. I've spent the evening getting GIMP to work with DCS DDS files and then opening the cockpit DDS files in Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\Mods\aircraft\MIG-21bis\Textures\MiG-21_Cockpit folder. And I can't for the life of me find the file that has the black ASP texture. I have a feeling that it's the MiG21Bis_CP_006.dds file, but when I load it up with GIMP I can only seE the "BAZA" texture and a few other cyrilic letters, the rest is transparent. If I look at MiG21Bis_CP_006_RoughMet.dds, I get this orange-scale picture that looks like it has the texture in it, which is what gives me the idea that MiG21Bis_CP_006.dds could be the right texture and that maybe GIMP isn't reading it properly. Would anyone be so kind as to ether confirm that MiG21Bis_CP_006.dds is the right file and that GIMP isn't working right or point me in the right direction? Thank you.
  14. Problem with AI is that its manouvering and flying is very binary. AI often flies full power (even full AFB) till the very last second, then rapidly decelrates using airbrake and does a very hard bank then goes full engine power again.
  15. Fuel managwment in MiG is possibly the most importan skill to have. Especally for MiG-29. Knowing how to manage fuel even in a dogfigt can mean the difference between 1h endurance or falling ourlt of the sky in 15 min.
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