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  1. Formations with the EFM Training 12-5-2016.(Not sure why the screenshots are bad quality). Really loving the EFM for formation flight, really stable to fly and you get a real sense and feel for the aircraft. There are a few things that need sorting but I know it's early stages. You guys at VEAO are doing a great job :)
  2. A few screenshots from previous training sessions that I forgot to upload.
  3. Oh and a cockpit shot from the 'Swan' formation :joystick:
  4. Got some screenshots of my own :) Unfortunately my replay bugged out and I wasn't able to get any of our synchro flight, sorry Mav :doh:
  5. Any idea how long we are thinking for a fix here Chris? Hours, days, weeks ect.? Thanks
  6. A selection of my favourite shots from our last practice where I was in #2 position. Still have a lot to work on but practice makes perfect and was fun none the less! -Also a thank you to Ells for offering to help us out :)
  7. Would love to join you guys again if you let me know when the next planned formation will be :)
  8. I'll let Ryan take position 5 then, I'll move over to position 2. And I'm assuming everyone is going to be on teamspeak?
  9. Let me know a time, I'm in GMT but I can stay up late or whatever if necessary.
  10. Sounds good! My preference would be position 5 but really I can do any. The name I am currently running in-game is '128 Geko [RAFAIR UK]'. Look forward to it :)
  11. I would be happy to give this a go, I'm not super amazing but I can certainly handle myself in formation, albeit a little sketchy on the loops. Are you looking for very skilled pilots?
  12. Thank you very much again! However I doubt I would use it much, would much rather the L-39 so don't include me in this one. I best let someone who wants it have it ;) Merry Christmas everyone!
  13. Wow thanks for doing this. Good luck to all and Merry Christmas :)
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