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  1. System specs: Asus p9x79 pro mb. 16 gb ram. evga gtx 1080 8 gb vm. 875 watt psu. 512 gb ssd. Monitor: Asus pg348q 13440 x 1440 resolution @ 100 hz. I have many of my settings reduced to medium, attempting to get fps but warthog runs at 4 fps. DCS World is running very slowly between screens. Almost done with dcs world , at least untul I can resolve this problem. Anyone?
  2. Hi People, My eyes are 'out to lunch' and my eyesight has been deteriorating for 68 years. I have almost every flight sim and enough add-ons and experience to be able to hold a substantial opinion. By 'beef' is with labels. I hate flying with them. Let's say 6 aircraft are attacking, I cannot distinguish them from the bleeding labels. Why not just a 'dot' of the appropriate colour, above the enemy formation? Who would like to see this? I have ok sight but not for focusing, hours on end on a computer screen. However there is no eyestrain if I can get the general direction of the enemy. I'd lik
  3. ...and plenty of civilians, for collateral damage:D jon
  4. OK...Wish List, there are a few and this is not 'tongue in cheek'. GSX ala FSX but in military mode. EzyDock ala FSX for set views for those of us that don't own track ir or even those that have it. I'm loving this sim. Jon
  5. I have had a very good experience with v1.5. EDGE is in a period where there are going to be bugs. I just accept it. I suspect ED are constantly making an effort to improve EDGE and I am totally along for the ride. Granted, I have not flown any missions as yet because I'm learning to fly the A10C but my system which, these days would be somewhere between mid to highish end. I sustain 30 fps and that's fine by me. I should have added, earlier; Graphics settings set to high. Jon
  6. Good information, thank you. I am along for the ride. If I recall correctly, one of the updates was a complete version of v1.5, so here goes, running the uninstall for v1.2. Jon
  7. I have v 1.26, v1.5 and v2.0 installed on a separate hdd in the same folder. Everything is working in all the installs and afaik all the modules, missions and terrains are present and correct. When I open v1.2 I am prompted to upgrade it to v1.5. Obviously, I have v1.5 which has been constantly upgrading itself over the last few weeks and the latest version is If I go through the uninstall procedure for v1.2, will it affect my cherished, working version of v1.5? Jon
  8. I like your shots. I still enjoy the more placid forms of flight sims and earlier should have mentioned XPlane 10 is installed as well. I'm hoping to concentrate on some cutting edge in DCS . I so hope someone is writing a SU34 for the hangar. I'm saving like mad for a set of crosswind pedals and a Warthog HOTAS. I have the X52 (old stick and throttle). I'm wading through the setup for both global and aircraft for this HOTAS but apparently a DCS profile is already loaded with the new Warthog HOTAS...and it looks heaps cooler than my X52. The Crosswinds because they are a thing of beauty. Ov
  9. Geez, a bloke that's learned all the keyboard shoutcuts:D I can see what you mean though. It's all aspects of DCS that add to the realism and immersion. Jon
  10. I have considerable experience in flight sims. On my system is FSX, P3D's to v3. I have many aircraft for these sims, at considerable cost. One of my favourites is the RealAir Mk IX Spitfire. It never used to bother me there was no gun. Now, with the world in the turmoil it's in? I just wanna kill something. DCS is sensational. So is the A10C. Jon
  11. My NTTR has installed itself to the FC3 folder in v2.0. NTTR does not show an icon as being installed on the modules mgr although the Nevada icon on the main screen is lit and all the NEVADA files present themselves when I click FC3. There was an earlier failed download of NTTR and I raised a support ticket about it. Jon
  12. Everything is present and correct. Now all I have to do is learn to fly the A10C. Thank you for your help. You might be able to shed light on another v 1.5 question: I have FC3 for v 1.2 but it prompts me to 'buy' FC3 for v 1.5. Is this an upgraded version considering the new graphics engine? Jon
  13. ...but there's more. It turned out to be NTTR: Which has installed itself into v2.0 as FC3. No sign of the TEW download. I think it might be a bug or a corrupt download so I'll make a report. I'm not in a panic as I'm used to doing battle with FSX, P3D v1.4 and v 3.0 so it's to be expected there will be flaws exposed in an open alpha release. I'll bet it will improve exponentially over time. Now to find out what happened to my TEW download link. Jon
  14. It's the A10C Campaingn (Enemy Within) or it could be NTTR because I have a failed download and a support ticket with that. The unkindest cut of all is it has taken from 4.00 am until now,18.30 to complete the download, it has stopped accessing the torrent and I have an updater window (DCS Updater and it's reading 24747.2 of 24748.3 MBytes completed...and it has stopped. You think I'm impressed? Jon
  15. Thank you. A10C is now installed in v1.5 and I'm slowly understanding all the idiosynchracies of DCS. I purchased the A10C Campaign and the download has been running since 4.00am. 15 gb of a 25 gb download completed (torrent) Estonia has better internet than Australia. Jon
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