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  1. DCS und Berlin stimmt schon bei mir :-) Nur mit der Zeit ists immer so ein Problem. Wobei ich Gamer/Sim-Stammtischen immer offen gegenüber bin. Hab darüber viele gute Freunde gefunden.
  2. hm... twitch upload isnt working. I will try it later. This weekend is ATC weekend :-) DCS World with LotATC 1.0.9 beta Test 2: Little question. Is there a guide for the Universal Radio function? And what can you do with it exactly?
  3. et funzt :-) many thx. i will upload my Twitch Stream from my little LotATC Test on youtube in the next minutes http://www.twitch.tv/anastasiuss/b/626950005 //Edit [YOUTUBE] wrong twitch upload edit will follow Next test maybe in english an a little bit more action with non AI fighters. Testmission is an very old SEAD strike test against an heavy defended Airport from 2011 or so.
  4. thanks, i will try this tonight.
  5. I have a little connection problem during the last betas. But now I have time to check the logfiles :-) First. I have uninstalled all older LotAtc versions and installed the last one 1.0.0-beta8 I have read and test all the FAQs from your website. Start a Multiplayer Mission in a windowed DCS Start LotAtc and connect to or my dyndns adress. TCP forward for port 10310 is enabled in windows and in my router. C:\Users\******\Saved Games\DCS\Mods\tech\LotAtc\config.lua enable_debug and perfs_test is set "true" This is the LotAtc_client.log: LotAtc_server.log is not
  6. here http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/shop/campaigns/su-27_the_ultimate_argument_campaign/
  7. :thumbsup:I'm reading Steve Davis "Red Eagles: America's Secret MiGs". Tonopah Test Range would be very great. There are news in DCS World 1.2.12 Change Log
  8. Well then, I have purchased a client license:-)
  9. Oh das wäre in der Tat sehr interessant. Das Loch in den Wolken wo alle durch solln für Sichtanflug ist ja sonst garnicht da oder woanders. Wäre schon sehr cool wenn das umgesetzt wird.
  10. Wags made a statement http://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=2169482&postcount=1
  11. I see the last update 03.09.2014 https://www.facebook.com/TheVirtuals/posts/10153155485086040 before that 21.08.2014 https://www.facebook.com/TheVirtuals/posts/10153118134416040 before 02.01.2014 DCS: L-39 UPDATE BY SILENTEAGLE https://www.facebook.com/TheVirtuals/photos/a.10150095035061040.309230.123630916039/10152524774451040/?type=1 ... That was on facebook, but those were updates or not? back to work, While interesting here, but I still have to work:-)
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