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  1. noticed that GMT will not pickup railroad traffic!
  2. I have watched the vids on the "E". 1. I have a question on the trigger arm switch. After firing first Mav, the switch seem to go back to "stby" and "trig" deselected. 2. says in one vid I don't have to hold the trigger down for the laser to keep firing????
  3. should the surface units (CV, DLG, etc) also have the option to activate the data link?
  4. as seen in the att'ed I am getting a "full diamond" on SA and radar page with my radar in "sil" mode
  5. is it in the plans to link the radar cursor to the pod's? or the pod to the helmet site?
  6. can't find any new stuff, latest  i see Nov for either Sim or FA18

  7. The patch overview said something about a manual update, but I can't find it anywhere????
  8. what about the other calls?( start up, taxi, etc)
  9. What comms are available from the CV? (no easy comm) request start up? request taxi? request TO ? when in case I and "call see me" at 10nm, and instructed to contact tower, do I remain on same freq, or is there another?( same with contacting LSO)
  10. oldpop


    When on 'SUPER CARRER", easy comm turned off, on assigned CV freq (127.5), comm menu comes up, go to CV, ATC and request taxi, I get no reply???
  11. After forum update, how do I search for a topic???
  12. oldpop


    HUMMM! Is there a "setting" to hear these comms????
  13. oldpop


    It would be good to be able to hear comm between other a/c(client or AI) and say tower or other controllers on same freq in Multi play .
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