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  1. For more accurate CCIP bombing, you need to move the sensor control switch up in order to have ground radar support. This will be seen in the HUD with “AGR” shown above the CCIP label. Normally, i get good hits with AGR enabled. However, I feel also CCIP is not always working as accurate as it should compared to the F16, without AGR support it is almost useless.
  2. I run DCS on a reverb G1 with an RTX2080TI on a 9900k. I did setup my system according Thudˋs VR4DCS guide https://vr4dcs.com and since then it runs well. Make sure to have motion reprojection activated (you need to edit a file within steam vr for that and sometimes you have to reedit it after automatic steam updates, see Thud‘s guide for that). If you change graphic settings, delete fxo and metashaders 2 folder in „username“/Saved Games/DCS.openbeta folder from time to time, this may help as well. In addition, I run a game booster software after PC start in order to shut down unnecessary wind
  3. Same here during MP session. After rearming on the carrier with IR Mavs, the count down was stuck at 3min and did not start. Tried everything but could not figure out what was wrong. However, starting the mission with an assigned IR Mav load out works. To me, looks like a bug after rearming.
  4. Great and very fast support, working again on my end. Thank you very much!
  5. Interesting find from GLUTIUS MAXIMUS. Holding the PTT down for a while after the command solves the issue for me. Thanks. Looking forward for the fix.
  6. Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, it does not work for me (tried both, with AIRIO enabled and disabled)
  7. Amber "PTT: use an active TX node" message After last update, I do have the amber "PTT: use an active TX node" message in my VA window. My commands are recognized by VA but not forwarded to DCS, no action in DCS anymore. VAICOM PRO used to work very well, can't live without. Any idea?
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