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  1. Did you try to uninstall your software / drivers and redo stall follow the instructions here: https://vr4dcs.com/2020/12/24/how-to-nail-reverb-setup/ ?
  2. I can send some screenshots later, my steamVR @ 100% is 2800 or so in pixels.
  3. You *should* be able to run higher settings in my experience if you’re willing to install some mods like « VR Shader » and « No Flat Shadows ». I’m running mostly 45+ FPS with reprojection in MP (BlueFlag server) @ PD 1 and SS 80% in SteamVR on a 1080Ti @ 1.9 GHz.
  4. Maybe you can find some useful info here: https://vr4dcs.com/2020/12/24/how-to-nail-reverb-setup/ Best,
  5. Even more odd, I get different pixel values on my G2 @ 100% then shown in these screenshots. Nearly the same, but like x3106 pixels or something like that.. Maybe it’s linked to the GPU ?
  6. Thanks for this input ! I’m happily on the G2 train as well with a sweaty 1080Ti / 8700k. One question: How come your steamVR resolutions say 182% & 124% but the pixel counts are both under the native resolution for the G2 ? I get much higher values at 100%.. Best,
  7. Agree, performance is slightly better and visuals are on the rise as well. What’s also on the rise is CTDs and bugged systems.
  8. It’s beyond me at this point.. also stable version is basically a previous beta with the same bugs so can’t really use that either. I don’t understand why people keep defending ED. In the current crisis the first step is to acknowledge there is a profound issue in their development process. Loving the game, but suffering the lack of improvement and constant state of unfinished work. Hope they figure it out sooner then later. Cheers’
  9. +1, happens during multiplayer as well. All of a sudden there is no more in-game sounds. Other windows sounds still work.
  10. Let us know when / how you solve it :)
  11. VPC Warbrd Base issue When moving from one end to the other check that the values are continuous, if there is a discontinuity, then try to activate the “offset” setting shown in the picture here-attached. Maybe also try to calibrate the axis and post a screenshot of the values (min, center, max) that could be interesting to understand if it is a software issue or an electronic sensing issue. I’ve had to enable the “offset” on one of my axis as well because the position would “overflow” somewhere in the range of motion.
  12. Sounds like sensor value overflow, I think there is an option to offset the range in their software. Does it go to center exactly or to some opposite position ?
  13. Hi all, I have been trying to find a solution to use the "zoom in" binding while also using TrackIR zoom. Contexte: I use TrackIR to slightly zoom in when looking down at my instruments. This caused an issue where I could not use the "zoom in" binding in DCS because the zoom would be overruled by the TrackIR zoom axis as I move my head. (Hope this makes sense ?) Goal: Being able to use my TrackIR zoom for small zoom level when looking at my instruments, and also be able to use the "zoom in" binding when looking for targets in the sky. Solution: TARGET settings for the "zoom in"
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