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  1. ITGC's Roster may please be updated to include: =ITGC= Drona (India) and =ITGC= Coug@r (Bangladesh).
  2. Different Sir. but i got your point. Thank you.
  3. They will be on our team only sir !! i want them to be added to our group as an addendum .
  4. Sir, Can i add 2 more members from a different squadron to our list ? Regards
  5. Callsign: Verticle Charlie Nationality: India Current location :India. Squadron name =ITGC= Squadron website: http://itgcommunity.com/ Please reserve Slots for =ITGC=Verticle Charlie =ITGC=Pops =ITGC=Xbloodshed =ITGC=Topgun =ITGC=Skinner =ITGC=Simba =ITGC=Spanker. Regards
  6. hahah!! I have recommended the seat to my squadron mates. Hopefully you'll get some more orders from India very soon!! Regards
  7. Greetings gentlemen!! well i ordered the seat on 20th Feb 2017 after an initial hiccup on my end as i had never used PayPal or ordered from abroad for that matter. Andre helped me out and we got the payment issue sorted out. He shipped out the seat on 21st feb 2017 and it took courier company just 3 days to deliver it to India from Russia. Got cleared by the customs the same day after making a call or two to the officers. Hooked it up and it worked like a charm. The seat is comfortable and the feedback is strong. Makes flying more authentic. It increased my SA a lot. In a dogfight when you pull high G and your AoA is off the chart. You needn't always look to your instrument to monitor your energy !! the vibrations does that for you!! Also the counter measures when being deployed gives the feedback as well so don't have to keep looking at the Gauge.The Vibration will stop when you are out of countermeasures. I could go on but i think you get the gist!! I would highly recommend the seat to all the the simulation enthusiasts. Kudos to Andre for facilitating such a beautiful contraption to the masses !!
  8. sir, has the issue been fixed yet ? i saw a post below saying it has been but i am still getting timed out after entering viggen!!
  9. Yes Hyde, absolutely !! we are making the mission to be as realistic as possible with a 400 ping limit maybe (like open conflict) so there are no issues in joining. Plus we are planning to host it in Singapore so that our Aussie & kiwi brothers have no problem joining. We feel their pain as well because most of the servers situated in America (like 104th or Open Conflict) kick us out due to the ping limit .We will try & make it as dynamic as possible. Regards =ITGC= Verticle Charlie
  10. BTW hyde. We can fire up a server in India when POPS is there. From Indonesia your ping to India shouldn't be much.
  11. hey Shabi !! It will always be better to fly as group than a lone wolf!! we join open conflict everyday( almost). Maybe you can tech us something or you can learn something from us !! Regards =ITGC= Verticle Charlie
  12. Hey Hyde!! Charlie here. Its always fun flying with you !! Come and join us whenever you can!! we would love to have you in our squadron. I think you already have the details. If not just drop me a text and i'll help you out!!
  13. checked this post after a long time. are you guys ready ?? KUNZ has shown me around the rope a few times lets us all fly together if everyone is ready
  14. checked this post after a long time. are you guys ready ?? KUNZ has shown me around the rope a few times lets us all fly together if everyone is ready
  15. Hey man!! its great to find another fellow Indian here. I am also new to this game. I fly SU-27. What A/C do you fly. For multiplayer servers are quite less. At any point i can only find 15-20 servers. let me know if you want to fly together.
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