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  1. So how can I set it to do a free roam flight at night then? I see youtube videos of people flying around this map during the night and I would like to do the same.
  2. Every time I try to create a fast mission on this map, it gives me this error. Any ideas whats wrong? I am using the latest version of DCS World 2.7 OpenBeta. It doesn't seem to be an issue with other maps.
  3. I really don't understand why they're not fixing this issue. Can it be that complicated to fix??? I've been holding off on playing the game for the past month or more now because I can't read the fonts at all. This is a huge issue for 4K players and yet updates after updates, I still don't see a fix. Sigh. I purchased this plane and I can't even use it due to this issue. What a waste of money.
  4. Still looks the same to me, nothing has been fixed. Still a big, thick blurry mess. Sigh.
  5. Really? Could someone post screenshots? I would like to have an official fix from the developers themselves though.
  6. Sigh, still not fixed yet? How hard can it be?
  7. I really hope that this fix will come in the next update, which is today. Fingers crossed!
  8. For me it's unplayable because it's so hard to read the fonts on the DDI screen and HUD for me because they're too thick and blurry. So for me and others, I think this is a pretty high priority fix.
  9. Sigh, this still hasn't been fixed in the latest update. Are you guys ever going to address this?
  10. Yes, exactly. I have held off using the F18C hornet until this issues has been fixed. It's really distracting not being able to clearly read the screens.
  11. Sigh, new update came out today and I was hoping ED would address the fix, but nothing. :( This issue should be prioritized higher up the list because it seems that people who run the game in very high resolutions like myself are having difficulty reading the HUD and DDI screens.
  12. I hope the address this issue soon because it's difficult reading the words on the DDI's at 4K. I'm playing on a 55 inch 4K TV, things should be sharp and easy to read. But currently its a big thick, blurry mess. :(
  13. I believe this issue affects those who are running resolutions higher than 1440p
  14. I really hope they fix this issue soon, it's also apparent in the 3 screens in the cockpit as well. Everything is too thick.
  15. Yes, I'm running at 4K here, and i think the higher you go up, the more prominent and worse it looks.
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