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  1. Great mod!! , would it be possible to do something like this for the Siria map?, specially the "low" version to gain some performance. Thanks!
  2. Since they encrypted the sdef files, which I will never understand, I think making sound mods is near to impossible. I won't be doing any more sound mods for ED planes.
  3. I think the statement is clearly misleading, just read the comments on the instagram entrie.
  4. According with this instagram entrie, there are new over wing and lerx vapour effects for the hornet: https://www.instagram.com/p/CKE21ijIdzz/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link Is this true, or is it an error?
  5. +1 on this. It should work in the ground radar mode too.
  6. Yeah, I noticed the reflections of the clouds over the water, however, they seem to be way too low res, to a point that they flicker and pop in quite crazily. First few seconds of this video: Certain other modern civil simulator, has also low res water reflections, however, it looks like the reflections are actually affected by the surface deformations the waves cause, which helps a ton making reflections look very nice and smooth. The more waviness you have, the smoother (and less visible) the reflections become, while the sun reflection becomes wider
  7. thanks for the reply, and sorry if it is explained somewhere, I did actually read about it but I'm not sure what of your terrainoptions files is the one with that modified instancing value, guess the one in your Hormuz mod. Will take a look at it. Thanks for your work!
  8. Don't you have issues with the extreme load factor (guess=3) making objects to flicker?
  9. yup!...I thought tracks were not necessarily mandatory, but in this case you even uploaded them so.
  10. Would like to add to all this that waves don't seem to scale with distance not only vertically but also along the longitudinal dimension, which means they will look same size, up to the horizon, once you zoom in a bit: Of course, waves should make smaller longitudinally too:
  11. When using the HMD to designate a ground target, the slaved ground radar fails to correctly show the image in any EXP mode. As soon as I select one of the exp modes, the screen will look black with a quick flash/flicker showing the image for a fraction of a second. If I use the ground radar to designate from there or the TGP, the exp modes will work properly and the image will show. This is not related to the nose beam radar darkness effect. Image when designating with the ground radar: When using the HMD to designate: Th
  12. Pretty much self explanatory. Since first day of release, the Hornet has an issue with how external sounds logic has been designed (is not a matter of adjusting *.sdef files). Only a couple of them will react to the throttle states, the rest will play at the same level (max) no matter if the plane is at full mil power or at idle. Note Im not talking about afterburner here, but from 0 rpm to mil power. Of course this can NOT be intentional as this is not how it works in real life nor how other planes behave in DCS (F16 for instance works properly and when at idle there is pretty muc
  13. Just want to thanks HB for the INCREDIBLE work they have done and are willing to do, the A model is out of this world!, simply outstanding guys, THANKS!!
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