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  1. Thats interesting!. Anyway, I would like to use the throttle at its minimum resistance (minimum warranting the levers would stay in place at angle). Great to know!, thanks!
  2. Maybe! , but I'm still not fully convinced. That's a good point!. Thanks mate!
  3. thanks all for your replies, so I guess it is not that bad. Would love to hear from more people so we have a more accurate idea about this issue.
  4. Cords bending aside, the thing I fear the most in case I decide to purchase this throttle, is the weak idle detent. From videos, it looks like a couple of notches in the throttle's levers collide with a button, creating that detent. The problem is that it seems way too easy to pass that idle detent and press the cut off buttons. In certain circunstances, I have very abruptly moved my warthog throttles back to decrease power very fast and I'm afraid this could be an issue with the winwing unit. So, the question is, how bad is it?...I mean, is it something one can truly and easily get used to?, is it really that weak?, how many times have you turn off your engines unintentionally? I know these are kind of hard questions to answer, and heavily dependant of each user but guess we can somehow have an idea of how bad/not bad this issue is. thanks!!
  5. really enjoying the new water!!!, great visual improvement!
  6. Having a proper ray traced global illumination solution for indirect light in DCS would be awesome. However, that would truly be performance hungry and would take quite some time to develop so I don't think that would be a solution at the moment. AO is far from perfect, and you are right, it won't be 100% accurate, but it is 1000% better than having nothing and to be honest, I think it makes a GREAT job when done right (take a look at other certain modern flight sim, AO looks incredible and extremely realistic). About the flickering, well, it shouldn't happen unless samples quality is way too low so it should be aesily fixable (some quality options in the graphics menu should do, just select between low, med, high and ultra and then everyone can choose accordingly with the power capabilities of their machines). Anyway, I would be already happy just by making AO more pronounced, at least to make it visible in cockpits/airplanes, which right now is not the case.
  7. I would love to get the water improvements that have been shown off in most videos and screens for the last few months...among other things.
  8. This is still bugged for me, any info about this issue? thanks
  9. +1, I think I requested this long time ago. Most DCS planes tend to lack proper suspension effects once on the ground as it seems way too stif (no bouncing). Exceptions could be Mig-29 (excelent ground interaction) and F-16.
  10. Currazo de cuidao el del amigo Sky... Realismo, inmersión y diversión, que más se puede pedir? Gracias crack!
  11. +1, I'm surprised this hasn't been yet released... it has been showed in pictures/videos since quite long, same for the fog
  12. Hope something can be done about this!, little up!
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