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  1. Hello, I am the guy who makes these Cougar sensors. My MR sensors actually have slightly increased electrical output range compared to the vanilla pots, about 0.3V more. Also they are automotive MR sensors instead of hall sensors and therefore dont have all the related calibration problems. The Vipergears generally have very limited range, thats due to the akward hall sensor orientation they chose. Currently I only have one single last MR sensor, so in case you are interested you can PM me or write an email. Cheers!
  2. Today, the TM adapter/ thread parts have finally arrived at my doorstep. The CNC job quality and fit is flawless and the aircraft grade Aluminium looks and feels amazing! I am very happy how these turned out! Here are some pictures so you can make up your own mind. I havent cleaned them yet, so there are still splashes from the cooling liquid visible. The final product will be assembled as shown in the earlier renders, it is very similar to the FCC to be able to fit F-16 spec simpits. However, the black magic electronics wont be visible on the finished product.
  3. Hey Icaro, Sadly not. I havent found a trottle quadrant to buy for a decent price tag. If anybody is interested to borrow me his throttle quadrant, then I will take a look at it and obviously give the finished mod for material price to the helping hand. Heres the current stock: 15x CH sensor (22€) 1x 12 Bit CH upgrade mainboard (32€)
  4. Yes, that's the "raw" force sensor, without all the electrical stuff. The plastic screw is just a placeholder, that's why I added the metal screw (TM adapter) part will arrive within the next days. That part is made from an aerospace grade 7000 type aluminum alloy with really high tensile strength and not the standard purpose 6000 type alloys. It's way overkill, but it's pure awesomeness!
  5. Hey guys, I just returned from three weeks summer vacation and I wanted to post two quick pictures that might be of interest! The bigger disc to the left is the Warthog adapter plate. The metal screw (TM adapter) parts will arrive within the next days and for production units I will obviously clean the protective foil grime off the lasercut parts. Ill start answering emails tomorrow and also post an update of whats in stock!
  6. Wow, just saw the throttle axis pot is SMD mounted on the PCB, thats a dick move.. Sadly, from this video its impossible to tell what pot type is used in the rocker mechanism.
  7. I have designed a contactless sensor replacement (magnetoresistive) for this pot type, which will solve spiking/ worn pot problems once and for all. Earlier I made a version based on an Allegro hall sensor, but that was more of a hassle than what it was worth. Only thing is I designed the axle to fit the Cougar & TM16000 sticks which have different shafts. I dont know what shaft type and length the TWCS throttle has. Could somebody send me pictures and/or check shaft diameter and length? The shafts are either ~4 or 5mm in diameter and 12 or 15mm long.
  8. The boards are back in town! Finally, a long awaited shipment of Arduinos arrived my doorstep and I can offer the USB adapters and CH mainboards again. The prices will increase by 2€ each, which is simply handing down the increased material cost of the boards themselves. Also a new and larger batch of Cougar ANT sensors is ready as well as new Cougar stick sensors and Cougar throttle hall sensors. Heres a list of the current stock: 7x Cougar Stick sensors (42€) 10x Cougar USB Throttle adapter + 14 GMR sensor (32€ + 20€) 10x Cougar Throttle hall sensor (22€) 4x Cougar Ministick (22€) 20x Cougar ANT sensors (22€) 10x CH sensor (22€) 5x 12 Bit CH upgrade mainboard (32€) 2x 4021 shift registers (10€) A bunch of emails have piled up once again and I will answer them now. Production updates about the Force Control unit are also inbound, stay tuned. Hey Aries, Have you perhaps removed the 22 pin header connector on the throttle mainboard at some point? Also check if the adapter is seated correctly on the 16 pin header.
  9. Sorry about the lack of updates recently. I have been pretty busy getting the force sensing base finished, as well as another awesome mystery mod. Very soon I can showcase the first full metal one. Just today I held a sample of the aircraft grade Aluminium (or Aluminum for you crazy Yanks) threaded TM Adapter in my hands and it felt amazing! Its made from very high strength & high toughness Al used routinely in aircraft wings and waaay overkill for home desktop use, but thats why I love it so much! This thing is gonna be awesome! Now I have to design the USB controller which runs uri_bas firmware and emulates all models (old analog, digital, custom) of the FLCS. This is not necessary if you simply want to hook it up to the Cougar base/ Cougar mainboard. Hey Wittman, How are you doing my friend? I hope your Cougar sensors are still going strong! Your throttle magnet was propably on the longest journey of all parts I have ever sent out. Unfortunately, the ANT sensors I had made are all sold out. I will make a new batch soon, but I had to change the supplier of the ICs as delivery wasnt expected for several months. Hard to say when they will be back, probably early July. Awesome, great to hear you are happy with the mods!
  10. The ANTs are here! Yay! After an eternity and two weeks, I can finally proudly present the new contactless Cougar Throttle ANT sensors. They are working very well and I am very excited about showing them off, although I have already messed up two sensors learning and playing around with the angle programming feature. This cool feature allows me to program the min/ max voltage output of the sensor to correspond to the exact min/ max angle actually used in practice. For the Cougar ANT pot this means 270° of rotation in total. The PCB design allows me to use them on 5V as well as 3.3V and to hardcode rotation direction either clockwise (CW) or CCW. It is possible to program them anywhere between 18° and 360° (but mostly suitable for angles above 90°), which opens up a whole world of new possibilities. The same PCB will be used on the RNG sensors which are the next sensor type I am planning to offer for the Cougar. Currently I only have 8 working sensors and therefore they are gonna be vaporware initially, as most of them are already reserved. Please keep in mind that these sensors do need to be soldered (and the vanilla pot needs to be desoldered first), so soldering is required for this sensor! --- I am glad you are happy with your purchase and great pictures! Enjoy your new mods!
  11. rel4y


    Are you using pullup resistors on the CS and DATA lines of the shift regs? I use 10k pullups on both and that solved some problems with long leads for me.
  12. By now I have worked my way through all the emails and everybody should have an answer. I have two new mods in stock now, first is the 34,4mm spaced TLE5011 sensors. A while ago I had uploaded similar footprints to OSH Park as open source for DIY projects (https://oshpark.com/profiles/rel4y). Now I decided to offer these ready made for everybody who is not keen on messing around with surface mounted parts. The mounting holes are spaced in the standard 34,4 mm distance (Virpil, Baur BRD, GVL224 MagREZ, RAMS, etc) and the connection pins are normal 0.1 in spaced header pin holes. Cost: 15€ per set of two. Second is the 13 deg angled Thrustmaster tailpiece. It is made of very durable selective laser sintered (SLS) polyamide (PA 12). The wall thickness is increased in several key areas and it is probably stronger than the original TM Zamac cast piece. It fits the Warthog, Cougar and F-22 Pro sticks. I can also dye it grey so it looks like the vanilla Zamac one. Cost: 12€ As many know, I have also made a locking nut to original F-16 specs. This one is currently not for sale and only works on the TM bases in combination with my upcoming force sensing mod. I may make a few metal ones as a limited time offer together with the force sensing mod.
  13. I just made a new batch of CH mods. Emails will be answered tomorrow. Heres the current stock: 20x CH sensor (22€) 5x 12 Bit CH upgrade mainboard (30€) 10x 4021 shift registers (10€)
  14. Yes, last work to be done on the Warthog version is making the force sensing PCB Warthog compatible. Yeah, wow! He seemed to have had the exact same issue, these TM 5 pin connectors are just an absolute pain in the butt to source! I actually tried to establish contact via the email on Arends page, but I dont think anybody is still cheking it. But now I also should also have enough for the next 25 years or so. Awesome, glad to hear! I had to switch X and Y axis on the replacement slew as the new ministick has a larger footprint than the older one, but didnt adjust the pinout. When I have some time, I will make a rev 1.1 with original axes layout. But I think switching over axes is not much of a big deal for now. No, all good! Actually, I feel great and I am moving forward quickly right now. Today I have finished a new batch of all sensors and mainboards and tomorrow I will answer all the emails that have piled up. I have also made some 34,4mm spaced TLE5011 sensors, the same type I had uploaded on OSH park as open source DIY PCBs.
  15. All good, you are absolutely right to press me a bit on getting things done! My prediction was end of first quarter if everything goes fine, that was a bit optimistic I guess... Supply lines are jacked, some parts are really hard to come by and then I got sick. You now, the usual lame excuses! Just know that I am veeery close to having stocked or at least ordered all necessary parts for the force sensing mod. Honestly, I can hardly wait myself to assemble the first full blown serial prototype! So much time has been invested in designing and redesigning and messing around with electronics, its just time for everything to come together! Here is a final render with a full Cougar base model and the "Unobtainium" TM 5 pin connectors. Took me literally years to source these mofos!
  16. Just started answering all the emails. Quite a bunch of them have piled up, but I promise to work my way through in the next day. Heres prove that I havent been lazy over the weekend, as promised. These are from all the remaining components I still had in stock and they have been made into shiny new sensor electronics and USB adapters and CH upgrade mainboards and GMR sensors and Cougar Ministicks. Most of the CH mainboards and Cougar USB adapters are still missing their Arduinos. The ball bearings, plastic cases and Arduinos are already ordered and should come in within the next two weeks. Yay! The only mods ready to ship at the moment are a bunch of 4021 shift regs, TM Cougar ministicks and 2x TM Cougar USB adapters + GMR sensors.
  17. You guys are amazing! Thank you so much for your friendly words and good wishes! I am out of quarantine now and feeling good! So its back to work, you great bunch have had to wait much too long already for my lazy ass to get stuff done! Over the last few days I managed to order all necessary electrical parts for the mods. As expected, prices have increased so I may have to add a € here and there. It will probably take around two weeks until Ill be able to ship mods again, but hopefully in the meantime I am able to show some cool updates & new projects I have been working on. Thanks again for all your support and friendly mails!
  18. The TQS ribbon cable has a 24 pin socket but there are only 22 male pins on the board connector. You probably need to plug it in either one row to the left or to the right, whichever way you look at it. That should fix it!
  19. In the CH hatswitches high quality OMRON tactiles are used. The exact type is OMRON B3F-1022. If you are skilled at soldering, you can easily desolder the POV tactiles from the PCB and replace them with new ones. I have done the same on several CH sticks. Good luck!
  20. The ronas had finally gotten to me and I was knocked out for a while.. While I wasnt really very sick past the first three days, its propably not a good idea sending stuff out to people all over the world. My quarantine is over this week and I will be making some more mods shortly. Sadly, some of the parts are hard to come by currently and chinese Arduinos have significantly increased in price for some reason.. Please dont despair, I will be back shortly with my lineup of mods. There is no giving up on the good old TM Cougar and CH stuff! Thank you guys for your continuous support!
  21. I can actually make the USB adapter Target compatible, I just dont advertise it as I dont know about the legality of it.
  22. Lovely work and thanks for the kind words!! I simply love the good old CH stuff, its indestructible! Only suggestion, switch out the CMS hat for the "V" shaped one of your throttle. That would be more comfy imo. In case you havent had enough of modding yet and want to add the last 4-way hatswitch (DMS) to fully convert your Combatstick into a Fighterstick, I have one more spare CH Fighterstick conversion kit laying around. Have a look at my latest CH project here: https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/214485-ch-products-upgrades/?do=findComment&comment=4539101
  23. Yes, but its not very pronounced. I have the cases laying around (still missing their bearings and threads), but the PCBs got hung up somewhere in the mail.. Answered! Well, it does fit in the TM F-22 Pro and F-16 TQS. Have a look here: https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/188571-tm-cougar-ch-magnetoresistive-hall-sensor-kits/?do=findComment&comment=4415482
  24. Nice work, looking sharp! This rerminds me I wanted to put some encoders in my throttle base.
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