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  1. Today:


    "OH NO ED HOW COULD U DO DIS 2 US1111?!?! Y U NO MAKE JET?!!?"


    Day of release:


    "Well, thank you chaps. you've provided us with yet another excellent simulation. We retract all previous complaints."


    Sometimes the people of these forums...


    Carry on ED, You have a promised purchase. Continue on!

  2. I could've done it better than him, and I've never flown an airbus. I did simulate what happened to them in A-10C - I had the advantage of knowing what was going to happen, but I also had the advantage of knowing how my simulated aircraft flies. This comes down to training, period. It doesn't matter how much FBW you have on your plane, you should still know how to fly it.


    That's Ignorance if I have ever seen it. Disrespectful arrogance. When you fly an Airbus. Then have the lives of yourself and 228 others disappear then you can say you could of done it better. :mad:

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