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  1. I don't get your performance issues. At all. Amd 6500+ @ 2.3 4GB RAM. A Single 9800. Run everything on Medium with 4X AA ( Through Nvidia Control ) at 1360X768 and have my FPS Capped at 45. Not a hitch. Have you tried limiting your frames?
  2. Something tells me this thread is going to be closed real quick. No pirated movies man. C'mon.
  3. AFAIK, The DCS Engine ( As of yet ) Doesn't support polished metal or chrome skins. It's something I believe is being added with the invent of DCS:Mustang.
  4. ED has confirmed everything graphically that's in DCS will be in FC3.
  5. You didn't specify. He did. Face it. It's happening. Nobody is forcing you to buy it.
  6. Today: "OH NO ED HOW COULD U DO DIS 2 US1111?!?! Y U NO MAKE JET?!!?" Day of release: "Well, thank you chaps. you've provided us with yet another excellent simulation. We retract all previous complaints." Sometimes the people of these forums... Carry on ED, You have a promised purchase. Continue on!
  7. ED has CONFIRMED. It's a bird that TFC has in it's inventory. The Fishbed isn't one of them.
  8. It's an aircraft that the fighter collection owns ( TFC ) Look on their website.
  9. Time for a bumpity bump. Any news?
  10. That's Ignorance if I have ever seen it. Disrespectful arrogance. When you fly an Airbus. Then have the lives of yourself and 228 others disappear then you can say you could of done it better. :mad:
  11. What he said, But times 3 Million. :pilotfly:
  12. Because, GT5 is on the PS3. Which uses Kinect. Knowing what you're talking about generally helps.
  13. Keep the dome. Just release that cockpit :pilotfly: Looking awesome as always.
  14. That's to be expected. I was just voicing mine based on the track record that's been seen lately with mods. Not only yours ( Thought I do think you own the record for longest, "Un-released" teasing. :thumbup: ) But others as well.
  15. I doubt we will ever see it, It all honesty. Based on the way the community has become about mods. and on track record. Beautiful yes, but it's only to look at.
  16. Ranger, I've fixed that with a new install :) But for some reason the squelch just doesn't seem to turn on.
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