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  1. Hello! It's been a while since I've been around these parts.. anyway. Fresh install of DCS:W + MiG-21. F-86. M200C, A-10C and L-39. Everything is great! Seriously ED, Good shit. I left before :World was even out and and it's been impressive how far the sim has come. I thank you guys for all of the work that's been put in so far. However, I'm not sure this can be replicated - here goes. In the Flanker, Whenever I get in the air I have around 2.3G of constant upwards pitch at 230-XXX KMh. I've double checked in every other aircraft and this isn't present. Only the flanker. It's not there with ACS enabled but then we all know what happens. I've triple checked my controls, deleted the files and have completely re-done them and assigned axis as well. Axis tracker doesn't show any movement from my Stick either, everything shows dead center. AND - To add to that, the M2000C is the only A/C that is responding to ANY trim inputs ( Via Keyboard or Assigned in game. ) Everything else just ignores it. I've been watching through the Axis Tracker ( RCrtl + enter ) and the only A/C that will recognize either keyboard or stick inputs for trim is the Mirage. - I know this last one isn't a Flanker bug, but it's been a frustrating past few hours. Any ideas? I'm uploading videos right now.
  2. Pardon me for not reading through thirty some odd pages. I don't recall asking you for an update either. :lol:
  3. Razbam, Do you have an ETA for the 1.5 patch?
  4. Just as the title implies, I would be happy with either and know the drawbacks of both. Let me know what you've got! Thank you
  5. Where did you find your X-55? I can't seem to find it anywhere on the internet..
  6. I tried searching, is there a way to make this work with the steam version?
  7. DCS UH-1H Huey Whoever gets it, merry christmas!
  8. Yup. Sure is. Realized that directly after typing it. It's been a long night. :joystick::doh:
  9. I can see this progressing to a full on mission! Complete with range coms and full ammunition detection. Thank you very much cougar!
  10. The flanker already has a 6DoF cockpit?! :music_whistling: - EDIT: I mean a full 3D cockpit. 6DoF has been doable since FC2. But I mean an updated 3D model.
  11. Floating Stock F-15C Just installed and Updated FC3 and DCS: World to 1.2.6. Only mods are the F-15 Skin. However, even with stock skins I still get a floating eagle.:helpsmilie:
  12. I've been out of the community for a few months, I know the Su-33 is being updated, what is the plan with the Flanker? 6DOF and AFM?
  13. Hello E.D. forums, It's been a while! However after a few months of college and working. I've finally gotten enough free time to get back into the sim-realm! I am looking for a second hand X52 Pro, a G940 or the like. I know the 52 Pro is a damn good choice for the money ( My original 52 Non pro Lasted 5 years. ) and I don't need anything intense just a working HOTAS. PM me with details!:joystick:
  14. Easy there bucko ;):thumbup:
  15. If Grandsurf reads this, he will finally see it's not just me that is nay-saying his work. It's been "making great progress" and "will be out soon" since 2007 guys. It's never coming.
  16. Oh GS, The new people actually think it will be released. This has been a joke for a long while. 5+ Years now.
  17. Luse

    Holy Cat

    Jesus christ John_X. You always act like a hotshot then as soon as someone offers up that you're not. You back track.
  18. Holy Necropost Batman... 2007, There was NO need to bring this thread out, ever. :joystick:
  19. I can not be the only one truly astounded at how many times the same question has been asked, and might I add, answered. On one page, only to have the same person, re-post a different phrasing of it? Be happy they're still chugging. Flight sims aren't exactly a big market in the industry these days. They have families to feed. As well as a community that has been breed to be the pickiest of all gaming communities. I can't wait to see the new changes ED. Keep it up.
  20. You do realize that almost all of those screens are PUBLICLY AVAILABLE. Reskins etc? Next time before complaining. Do your homework, Look up the ADA mod. The IL-76 Is at LOF. I mean really for Christ sake.
  21. Got pictures of almost every Eagle in this video. Base is a short walk! Neat to see them from that POV :thumbup:
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