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  1. Hi..Thanks for your response, sorted. Thank you.
  2. Hi So I need the procedure to reinstall DCS. So do I deactivate the modules, copy the folders (dcs world is basically in one folder) onto another Hard drive, and then copy back over onto the newly formatted hard drive and then basically re activate the modules? Easy as that yeah? Cheers
  3. Sorry..Didn't know there was one, will check it out..thanks.
  4. Yup. Fair enough..thanks. My one major gripe is about the issue with the GTS. Start relight. No matter what key I bind to it (Saitek XP Pro 52) I cannot get it to fire (though the set up accepts my key bindings OK). Really annoying when you go through the whole start procedure and no matter what you bind (it was just about working yesterday and isn't at all today) it doesn't work.
  5. Absolutely loving the hawk. Already have had a serious amount of pleasure learning and flying it. Just did a night flight using Tacam navigation from Nelis to Area 51. Can't wait to teach my girlfriend this aircraft as it is so nice and simple she will pick it up in no time and love it too. One question..so no autopilot?
  6. OH.... Thanks did not see that..and noticed / was going to mention my CPU usage was going through the roof.
  7. Just noticed that the Hawk says EFM Beta in the start up screen.. So it was / has been installed.. In which case...wow..something is really off for me.
  8. Hi..so do you have to reinstall the Hawk module, into both Nevada and 1.5 to get all the new goodness or does it upgrade automatically ? Reason I ask..after the update to 2.02 (Nevada) the Hawk is crashing and running terribly slowly. Worse than a power point presentation. Runs fast as in 1.5... though I cannot arm it through the editor. Thanks..sorry if a stupid question etc.
  9. For me the great thing about Xplane is you can make it (it's sky ground and buildings) look absolutely stunning for zero cost. Just bandwidth. You also get lots and lots of free planes and addons that are mainly very decent. A really strong developer community, where you get new and interesting things released all the time (daily). I really enjoy flying the Piper Arrow III PA28R-200 around Wales. Learning to master it etc is some kick., My home town (it's roads and buildings)actually looks like they should. All for free...(OK I on the Piper in a youtube competition off Wycliffe Barrett). I am hoping to learn vatsim and learn to converse with Air traffic Control one day..but really ain't got the bottle at the moment tbh. lol I love FSX too. Orbx Wales is Stunning. And I love DCS. for me it is not really a case of "each to their own"..it is just great that there are so many good flight sims out there.
  10. You tube is a great resource, though you should be careful not to enjoy watching the youtube vids too much. I think I enjoy spending time watching instructional vids and people fly flight sims (Bunyap, Froogle etc) as playing the sims myself.
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