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  1. there is a way to know the kind of target indicated by the XO ? cause we know the location but without the type indication I don't know which weapon to use and what to search for on target location . Thanks
  2. During mission 2 there are some tremendous fps drops after the AWACS code verification
  3. in mission 2 all cooms are ok thanks
  4. I'm at mission 1 I will verify thanks
  5. It seems that only comm2 is working cause if I set 305.00 on comm1 I can't comunicate with flight but if I set 305.00 on comm2 all is working, am I doing something wrong? P.S. I don't use symple radio, thanks P.P.S. I know how to use comm1 and comm2 switches so this is not the problem
  6. Great, have we to do something to have the fixing update? Thanks
  7. Thank you for helping, I prefer to wait for the update cause I'm interested in this new kind of campaign, hope to have a fix soon and in the meantime congratulations for your work which will give us a dynamic campaign which we expect for years, take your time and amaze us, I'm glad to help the development process with my purchase and don't regret my choice
  8. Thank you sir, very appreciated
  9. hi sir thanks, the campaign is spectacular but this last mission is unusefull cause there is a problem with the collision model of the building, every time the helicoper bounces and crashes if I try to land on the roof. This is a known isuue for many users as you can se searching the forum, I fly it in the beta release 2.5.6 not tried on the stable too cause I don't have it. If someone could help or if the developers could please fix this in any way we all will be glad to complete this beatiful campaign. Thanks Maybe for someone the roof is correct and for others don't I don't know but fo
  10. thanks sir, yes I tried all kind of stuff, no solution for this mission I have to skip, also mission 15 is useless cause collision model of the LDZ is wrong. The bad thing is that this campaign is paid and none of the developers responds or try to solve this problems.
  11. the last mission is corrupted, the rooftop ind the LDZ has a wrong collision model, someone could please solve this issue? as is tje campaing is useless, there is a way to open some kind of ticket to ask for a refund? thamks
  12. Mission 13 never ends, task 3 continues indefinitely, all enemy destroyed but don't trigger next task.Convoy go to base regularly but dcs stay on task 3, I have to skyp mission. Open beta 2.5.6
  13. Thank you, great new , we need it for a study level sim like your .
  14. Yes I know and I have seen this videos but are little more of a presentation and we need a manual which describes the procedures and all the functional aspects of the added items also if only partial , this lack of documentation in DCS is unacceptable also a series of videos could be ok and this is much true fro an early access release , otherwise how can we help the developers with bug reporting if we don’t know how it should work at this development stage ?
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