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  1. As titled, the default aggressor skins don't show when you place a USAF Aggressors (AUSAF) F16 on the map in ME. Kinda defeats the object if they're only available to USA, as friendly fire on our server isn't tolerated Quick fix rolled out to the livery LUAs (pretty please )?
  2. Thank you for that, nice insight I for one am not fussed about P2P textures, but server-side would be huge for sure. Hadn't even thought about it being for more than just the aircraft. Obviously the security implications are big with running server code but they always will be in this day and age. At least it's being considered - I guess I just add a 'clear ground texture' FARP to the wishlist
  3. Perhaps, but at least a LUA I can include in the miz file and it's plug-and-play - a desert FARP texture everyone needs to download and install individually (for now...) No worries, thanks all
  4. Is there a way to set the height of a static object? I'd like to set the height of a standard FARP to just drop by a couple of ft into the terrain in order to hide the grass and just leave the T and H's exposed (horrible green FARP in a desert and I don't want the ache of mods on the server etc etc). I thought there'd surely be a lua where you can just setObjectHeight(-5) or something but can't find it anywhere
  5. Is there any guidance on how to translate between the wings? Right wing comes up fine but I can only get left to be some weird mirror so all the text is backwards. Flipping and rotating various ways just misaligns the template... This is what I get with the 'correct' flip - the orientation is wrong and doesn't read correctly into the model
  6. Aren't RAZBAM doing carriers to go with their Falklands map?
  7. Team Apache was legendary! Shoutout too for the 'Enemy Engaged' series of 'Apache/Havoc' and 'Comanche/Hokum'. Still got the discs ...speaking of Havoc... ...hmm, actually nah, I don't think Mi-28 or Ka-52 will make it into DCS now if we can't even get Black Shark 3
  8. Can't remember where I saw the massive discussion on this as I can't find it now (possibly Hoggit/Reddit?), but everyone's raved on about P2P MP skin sync for a long time, the argument against being the trolls on 'serious' servers who'll friendly fire you from their bright pink and yellow hentai F14 As a half-way house couldn't there just be server-side skin sync? As-in liveries installed and available from the server not necessarily P2P? Means admins can package the correct livery set (with permission yada yada...) in the server for the mission and not have either missing/def
  9. Is this not the sort of thing in the upcoming IADS module?
  10. +1 - especially with bigger missions and the game itself scaling up, it'd be nice to have a wider vocabulary. Some like the A-10 ones are aircraft specific, maybe something that 3rd party developers could/should be doing to package with their aircraft? Not sure myself how easy/difficult it is to create and integrate but defo possible, especially if there's an ATC overhaul coming in the pipeline.
  11. Once Marianas is done, could Caucasus be revisited? I know it had a spruce-up a few years ago, but given the new map tech and techniques learned could it be revisited again to get it to modern Marianas or even Syria standards? At least higher depth imagery and terrain quality/accuracy would go a long way, especially given it's a free map and you have return-on-investment to think about. If feeling flush then expanding up to Rostov-on-Don and across Crimea (maybe across Turkey at the same longitude) would be a big change, although I know Crimea has been talked about before as a c
  12. We've got CJTF on each side for that now, I guess
  13. DHesquire

    Tail Tip Number

    Hi all - anyone know how to change the tail tip number font? I can get the 3 under the nose, 2 under cockpit, and 3 at the base of the tail to change, but can't find how or where to change the tip number in any existing livery? I'd have thought it's on rude somewhere as tail doesn't work (and doesn't cover that area anyway) F-5E3_bort_number_nose... F-5E3_bort_number_rude... My f-5e3_number.dds is changed and referenced in the livery folder, but it's just the top two I can't find
  14. Hopefully the IADS update will bring this sort of thing, maybe with something like Rivet Joint. Definitely needed!
  15. The US had an air superiority grey on a couple for a while, didn't they? Probably just a trial given you never really see them but still one for the hangar
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