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  1. @Nealius I just tried your recommendation, and it seems to solve my problem. I put +3 deadzone for X and Y and also put +5 for rudder in case... and everything works like a charm !!! Many thank for your help; Have good flight
  2. Hi @BIGNEWY Thank you for your quick feedback. I tried again, and I got different result depending on the Map. On Nevada and Mariana Islands, to activate BALT mode, the plane MUST BE perfectly HORIZONTAL in both axis. If not it cannot activate. And I noticed that it's very sensible at at the rolling tendency. If it's not perfectly horizontally trimmed, the plan start rolling left or right even with A/P on BALT mode. I must engage ATTH mode to keep horizontal attitude. On all the other map A/P is less sensible at the attitude of plane during activation, and it can keep a certain stability even with a rough trim setting... So please if you can test on those map (Mariana and Nevada) thanks again.
  3. Hi Guys, It seems there is an issue with A/P on F/A-18 with BALT mode. Frequently the BALT mode is impossible to engage. When it's the case, we can see on Left MFD "A/P" is appearing, but the plane does not keep altitude. If I cancel A/P with joystick button, A/P disappear from Left MFD. Sometimes, after few attempts, it works, but I noticed that if disengage itself without any axis entry, and the altitude changed slowly... I made a quick flight with the Marianna Island Instant action "Free Flight". The track of this flight is attached. Have you already see that problem ? I didn't see any report concerning this issue. Thank you for your support. FA18-AP-BALT-issue.trk
  4. Yes, that's exactly what I was looking for... Many thanks for that !!!
  5. Hi everyone, I have a simple question... Is it possible to launch DCS with a direct selection on the graphics setting to avoid the need to restart the program after a setting modification. Thank you for your help
  6. Hi @BIGNEWY, please could you take a look at the above post and let me know what your feeling about that. Both track has been made with active pause at 6nm of target. The problem is not the distance from target. Thank you for your support.
  7. Hi all, I did some test again, and I'm still in trouble with TGP + Mav IR. I join 2 tracks to compare TGP+IR Mav on FA-18 and on A-10CII... That's very clear for me. It works perfectly on static target, but on real moving target, the IR seeker stay where the target has been designated and does not follow the target that is gone... With A-10C it's just perfect... Another interesting point with the Hornet TGP is the sequence to Sel a target. First TDC press is Area Track and we need a Second press to get Point Track, and a third press to uncage TGP seeker. That mean to sel a moving tgt we need 2 press on TDC and if we miss, 3 press to come back to Point Track... It's just crazy not so easy to use. The Logical sequence shoud be Point Trk - Area Trk and uncage... FA18-moving target-Mav IR.trk A10C2-moving target-Mav IR.trk
  8. Hi, Thank you for you reply. You can find attach a short mission with to tank of this road with an A10CII with IR Maverick. The coordinates of this road is 37S - CB209 230 The Maverick sensor lock on the metallic fences on both side of the road and even very close it's same. Impossible to lock on the tank. Thanks again Syria convoy strike.miz
  9. Impossible to get lock with AGM65D or AGM65H on moving target on highway. TGP can get lock but but Maverick sensor. The sensor lock on the metallic fences on highway but not on the vehicle even big one like tank. I tried different approach (following highway, or transversal, from high from low) it's always same even at short range (2Nm). As the TGP works ok, the laser weapons works. This is very frustrating when you are chasing a convoy... That's similar problem with telephone pole on Caucasus map.
  10. Hi Bignewy, thx for reply. I did test today again, and I tried at 8nm from target and the locking transfer from TGP to Maverick seeker does not work if the Maverick is Caged when you Depress TDC... If the Maverick is uncaged it seems to work...
  11. Thank you Recluse for your reply. first I confirm I have hit TDC DEPRESS after getting IR tracking. It's difficult to see on the track file, but it was done. I tried again today at less than 10nm and it's always same issue. The maverick seeker try to lock something at the exact position where I hit the TDC DEPRESS. This is why it works for static target. But for moving target it does not follow the tracking position of TGP. Edit : After different test I found the way to use it. The Maverick seeker MUST BE UNCAGED before using TGP. At this time when TGP is locked on TGT when we shift to Maverick display, the Maverick seeker locked the target.
  12. With AGM65F (IR), if I use TGP, I can't transfer my locked target to AGM65F seeker. When my moving target is locked on TGP, I change SOI MFD to Maverick. The seeker uncage but look at the original locking point and not at the locked target. As is take few seconds the target is gone and seeker can't lock it... I tried many time without success. It works perfectly with static target. I don't know if it's a bug, but it's really impossible to use like that. Sorry if this has been already reported... F-18-AGM65F-TGP.trk
  13. Yes new TGP command (OSB5). TGP is SOI and TGP is A-G mode. Display is naro. Thx
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