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  1. >80nm : Labelled Picture is given to provide greater SA and to allow fighter to begin target / sort order and organise package targeting <80nm : Picture continues through detect phase all the way to target/sort has been conducted. At this point the GCI will, as you put it, stfu. Inside 40nm - No New Picture range - Labels are kept to aide targeting for leakers and/or pop up threats. Inside 20nm - Threats passed in BRAA. Inside 5nm - Call of Merged - GCI unable to effectively help.
  2. I have created a very short video with instructions on how to set up online comms in low fidelity aircraft using Simple Radio Standalone. The guide is there to hopefully help newer players to get started in the multiplayer environment.
  3. This video will show you how to input a bullseye point in the F-18 and use it for A2A calls. If you have any questions please feel free to ask either here on on the channel. Regards, Tactical.
  4. The first video is a 'rough guide' on getting GCI correct. Why we're there and what to do. The second is an example of me, a GCI instructor, doing GCI on a multiplayer server for the first time. What is and how to GCI : Me doing it online as an example:
  5. If you fly mulitplayer and use SRS this video will discuss how to check in with a GCI.
  6. As shown in the video - a basic list of commonly used codewords in multiplayer - From a GCI.
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