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  1. I can't find those 2 printscreens right now But those clouds look absolutely beautiful
  2. Those printscreens are not from DCS, right ?
  3. I wish we could have the option to have more clouds layers, different types...
  4. What's so cool on this clouds ?? I lost any hopes about the new clouds.
  5. That's it ?? Or maybe in the saved games / mods folder ??
  6. They don't even bother to upload some printscreens with the new clouds
  7. where exactly do I need to have this folder ? Saved Games / Mods / tech ??
  8. Lenux

    F-15E UFC poll

    Any news about the F-15E release date ??
  9. Why not ? Is that a Top Secret thing ?
  10. I wonder how 3090 will do it @8k for DCS World. What do you think, guys ? 20 - 25 fps average, with max settings?
  11. Me too Or at least, they should give us more details about Cloud layers, type of clouds, etc...
  12. Any news about the clouds / weather engine ?
  13. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3306823/ Download this and follow the instructions Then go to custom cockpits F5E.. and select the mod
  14. What does it mean Bigger and Joined map planned, maps for military clients ???
  15. Thanks I thought I could keep the 2 AKAN pods with 2 KB pods, but it seems to be impossible
  16. And which one is the countermeasures pod ? Thank you
  17. I purchased this aircraft, about 3 years ago and did not fly it much Today I installed it again, and I don't know how to release the flares I already assigned a button. Do I need to add anything else ( countermeasure pods )? Thank you in advance
  18. Thank you I've lost hope with ED - new clouds
  19. Could you make a mod like this, for the clouds ?? :D
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