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  1. I can't find those 2 printscreens right now But those clouds look absolutely beautiful
  2. Those printscreens are not from DCS, right ?
  3. I wish we could have the option to have more clouds layers, different types...
  4. What's so cool on this clouds ?? I lost any hopes about the new clouds.
  5. That's it ?? Or maybe in the saved games / mods folder ??
  6. They don't even bother to upload some printscreens with the new clouds
  7. where exactly do I need to have this folder ? Saved Games / Mods / tech ??
  8. Lenux

    F-15E UFC poll

    Any news about the F-15E release date ??
  9. Why not ? Is that a Top Secret thing ?
  10. I wonder how 3090 will do it @8k for DCS World. What do you think, guys ? 20 - 25 fps average, with max settings?
  11. Me too Or at least, they should give us more details about Cloud layers, type of clouds, etc...
  12. Any news about the clouds / weather engine ?
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