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  1. The Su-27 radar is propably completely blind to chaff, since it has massive notch gates. Radar/OLS work together in the real aircraft, the pilot can select such combined modes. And with such a mode it is almost safe to say that the target illumination signal would never shut of in the first place if the target was changing aspect, as the radar will be slaved to the angular coordinates from the OLS.
  2. It is not about chaff, it is about the missile doing stupid maneuvers even without chaff due to OLS bug, bleeding all its energy. No chaff required to kinematically destroy the R-27 within seconds.
  3. So fixing issues with red aircraft is "one sided"? I think updating only NATO missiles to the new standard is one sided, if you want to go that way Good to hear about the Radar/OLS transition fix!!
  4. The HOJ appears to give the missile perfect guidance. It lofts as if it was fired on a non-jamming target without support. Fired on a jamming target beyond burn through range the missile should propably not loft, it has no range information for that.
  5. Do you understand what a G-limiter does? Why would the G-limiter work properly at all speeds in the Su-27, but in the Su-33 (with upgraded FBW) it would not work at all speeds? It is a bug.
  6. First of all they are far from resistant to flares, they eat them alot in DCS. And additionally, the R-27T/ET have CCM. In the manual it is described as having a good resistance against active and passive interference. Sounds like you recently got shot down by ET's alot?
  7. This aircraft has a G-limiter. And at high speeds it fails to work in DCS. It suddenly allows for 10+ G. The G-limiter of the S-27 on the other hand works at high speed. It is a programming issue in the game. A bug. Plain and simple.
  8. I think something was misinterpreted. Does the bars on the MKI even have the additional mechanical azimuth gimbal? Su-35 has +/-120° azimuth, because there is such a azimuth gimbal on top of electronic steering.
  9. In this typical example the duration of radar loss was less than 4 seconds, so an F-15 or any other aircraft in DCS would not have lost lock, and the Aim-7 would have guided without interruption. But with the Flanker we don't have that luxury. Our lock will instantly transition to OLS, turning radar OFF, which instantly stops the missile from guiding and causes it to do very stupid maneuvers with extremely high G that completely kill the energy of the missile. If the lock would only switch to OLS after it cannot be reacquired by radar after the extrapolation time, then the R-27 guida
  10. Here is one reason why fixing it is so important: I fire a good shot with good energy on a high target. The target should be dead meat, considering it does not really defend it. When the missile is 20 km the target, it still has Mach 4! But now the target briefly enters the notch, and lock instantly transitions to OLS. This triggers another bug: When radar lock is briefly lost, the missile will not keep its current velocity vector. Instead of that, it somehow does a high G meaneuver towards the current position of the target. When radar lock is restored, the mis
  11. Wohoo, Fox-1 chaffbug is finally fixed! Thanks so much for that! Now we just need to get the Radar/OLS transition fixed and the Su-27 is a worthy fighter again.
  12. Su-27SK manual mentions vertical scan to be used for visible target up to 5 km, so even less. BUT: It does not mean that the radar in the real one would ignore other targets. Overstratos from RB wrote that there is no 10 km limit in the real MiG-29, and it can lock target beyond that range in vertical scan. So the ranges mentioned in the manual are most likely just recommendations for when you would use this mode. And that is usually to lock a target that you saw with your own eyes, not just to point it at datalink targets and hope for the best, like it is mostly done i
  13. What do you mean? Currently in DCS or currently in the real world? Real R-77 do loft, as confirmed by the russian pilots here on the forum.
  14. Any R-77 with loft will be a massive stepup for the Flanker and create roughly parity. Link-16 would not be such a big advantage if ED would not keep the Su-27/33 from having P2P datalink in multiplayer. Combine that with the usual lack of skill from Blufor pilots in DCS and they would have no chance.
  15. Seems much more reasonable than current "R-27ED", because there the acceleration is almost linear, as if it was a boost only missile.
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