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  1. Sorry to hear about the cracking. I have to say though, it's not even in the slightest bit unusual or unexpected. It happens to every game now. (With only a couple of exceptions). I also suspect that even with the new tweaks like the online activation etc, it will still be cracked. Of the last few games I read about with that kind of protection, one lasted about a week until it was cracked, one actually lasted very long and took about a month, and one (very recently) was cracked the day after it was released... I think it's inevitable unfortunately. Hopefully there can be a CD Key check on the multiplayer because at least then it might encourage some pirates to buy it so they can do multiplayer. The rest is down to fate though really. I personally would put a message on the front of the game too. Before the company logos etc, have a cleverly worded message that appeals to the sense of fairness in the downloader and explains that the money IS needed to support the game in the future and for there to ever be a chance of addons/sequel etc. I think most pirates are not even convinced it's a problem. Oh well. Hopefully there will be enough good people out there who will buy it anyway. And I hope the big marketing blitz to gets the word out to a lot of people.
  2. Those are some of the best shots I've seen of this game. Especially the second one (from left). The graphics look really great.
  3. Yeah that's exactly what I thought too. I personally appreciated what he said though because I am probably going to play with a lot of game mode settings. But to the average gamer, even this would sound complicated and boring I think. They want to see something that resembles Comanche 4. Zipping around left and right and through valleys at high speed, firing rocket all over the place with tanks and buildings blowing up and then using the cannon on people etc. I am thinking that all might be done in different movies though, when they start marketing it to the west. Actually, I bet you will lol. I've seen your last ones so I bet you could nail this. I can't wait to see it :)
  4. Thanks! That movie was great and I found that thread about "game mode". It sounds great :) It's almost like 2 games in one. I hope they advertise this a lot because I think it will be a lot more popular if average people know about the game mode and how fun it could be.
  5. 1) Has anyone played it with arcade type settings? I keep hearing about people doing nothing but crashing and how it has a steep learning curve and how it's crash crash crash. That is not everyone's idea of fun so I am just wondering if it can be simplified in the settings and to what extent? 2) Are there any missions to blow up bridges, and if so, do the bridges collapse? And how about the big dam I saw in a screenshot? Thanks :)
  6. Do you speak Russian? If not, is it hard to navigate the menus and stuff?
  7. It's just nice to know there is realism and objects have clipping and stuff. I remember in the beta of RPG's I've played where you can run straight through trees :P Doesn't give the world a very good feel.
  8. Wow they are pretty shots. Does your frame rate get really low when you fly over that area in the first pic, with lots of trees and buildings?
  9. I'll never learn the procedure, so I am glad to hear that. I just want to take off, and fly around blowing stuff up. I would like to be able to land it properly though, I'm just not into flicking switches.
  10. Cool that is the same as my PC except my CPU is a bit slower, but I think I can OC that. I'm hoping "High" is as high as the settings go.
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