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  1. No need to say more, THIS is exactly what i wish would be done as to stay realistic in terms of development ! The whole Infantry FPS is a very far away dream, while the vehicle (Planes, Helis, Ground vehicles, Ships) is already a thing with Combined Arms, just needs refinement.
  2. 1 : I can relate to the splashed bandits remaining in the datalink and even being able to keep a radar lock after they've been splashed. Had that happen to me recently, flying on a MP PVE server, was flying close to a player F-16, 2 or 3 times in a row i fired an Amraam on a BVR target only to notice everytime that the bandit i was seeing in my datalink plus that i was able to lock had been splashed already, therefore waisting a missle each time, i'm not gonna give exact numbers, but it felt pretty long before they actually disappeared. I feel like the splashed bandit stayed in dat
  3. The reality is actually the opposite of what you're saying here, just like @Germane said, people usually set low settings to have less details and therefore much less obstructed view (Best exemple i've got under my hand would be this ->( https://youtu.be/YX1ltEqhWsc ). And in any case, saying that the clouds should not be too detailed as to not give an advantage or disadvantage in PVP is really nonsense, sorry to say. Literally keeping the graphical potential the game could have for PVP balance, last thing i'd wanna hear coming from ED... Don't want to jump into t
  4. If this was the only reason behind the added details or what i was wishing for in my initial post, i wish ED could still make it happen and let the people decide with their settings whether they want to sacrifice the FPS for the details or have standard cloud details for added FPS. DCS is a pretty hungry sim in terms of performance, with or without the new clouds, not everyone is able to run it maxed out, yet all those people don't specially come crying on the forum asking for the sim to be dumbed down in terms of details, they simply set their settings accordingly. On the other han
  5. I've been hesitating to post this in the wishlist as i know the weather just made its first appearance with 2.7 and i know there still is a lot of work to be done to it, but not knowing what exactly is to come in the future, i thought it would be best to post it and have a clear conscience that hopefully ED can either realise it or let us know it's in the pipes The weather does look really beautiful with 2.7, such an upgrade we got ! Not trying to deny that for sure, but small details like the one i'll talk about would be very welcome in the future hopefully. So here is what i'd
  6. Thanks, makes sense indeed ! So from what you're saying, it would be pilots responsibility to not go over it after all. I wonder how milsim pilots do it in this simulator (Do they use the Cat switch ?), like i said, it's so easy to go above those limits in a flinch without noticing, flying 500Kt and slightly pulling on the stick and you quickly reach 6G and above. I can confirm after a test yesterday that pulling 10.3Gs with fuel tanks on did nothing, tried it a few times and never did i break anything (I was even surprised to be able and pull 10.3Gs)...
  7. @Mover Hey there boss, is there a way that the FLCS will g-limit the maneouvers of the aircraft when those weapons/pods are strapped on ? Say if aircraft has tanks on, will the FLCS automatically g-limit the aircraft to 6.5G's ? Or is it a pilots responsability to not go over that limit ? I'm asking because in a simulator we of coarse do not have the true feeling of G's and therefore very easy to go over any kind of G's without noticing it physically, so a pretty tedious thing to watch out for in a stressful situation
  8. My expectations are met, it looks beautiful and this screenshot was taken not later than 3 minutes after takeoff. Good job ED, i'm really glad and happy to have this upgrade !
  9. Nothing against you here, but Gayjin itself is no reference at all in simulating real things, mentioning them doesn't even need to be done, they are on a complete different league.
  10. I don't entirely agree with you here, this kind of talk will in any case boil down to personnal experience and personnal opinion. Either way, as much as "pride" is probably a big part of the way people play games, i still personnaly believe that a system forcing a punishment on the player for dying does indeed force the player into playing differently if he's into playing the game "properly" and wanting to actually succeed and improve. The impact a player has in any game really depends on the involvement he's putting into that said game, someone playing a game like EFT with such a
  11. Not that it's very important i'll admit, but i had to correct you here haha As a long term EFT player, i can tell you that you do not have a 20 minutes penalty when you die with your main character that blocks you from playing another match/raid/game. You have your main character and the SCAV character The main character is the one with whom you'll do your quest and have the main progression of the game of coarse. I'm not gonna go into more details because too long and we're on DCS forums, so who cares about EFT lol. SCAV character is the one that has a cool down timer of 20 minute
  12. Thanks a lot for the cool explanations ! Makes it much clearer to me Makes me feel reassured knowing it will still work properly without a special set of controls I was indeed confused with the collective and that twist grip thinking it was called the cyclic I understand it all better now Will check that manual out if deeper questions come to my mind or if i'm feeling like doing some more reading
  13. Back on topic for an actual question regarding a concern i have. Knowing that helicopters have an added control to fly the heli, not sure how it's called, maybe the cyclic or something linked to the power lever or so. I've always flown planes and having a joystick i have all the axis necessary to fly them. The roll axis, the pitch axis, the yaw axis and the thrust. So if i were to compare the helicopter axis to the plane, you would have all the above stated but the added cyclic if i'm not mistaken. No joystick unless specificaly buying one for simulating a helicopt
  14. This makes me laugh, not in the sense that you're wrong, i'm totally with you on this matter, but it makes me laugh thinking of the airquake guys finding the most creative excuses to allow those loadouts to be perceived as realistic -> Taking off in their F-18's loaded with 10 Amrams and 2 Sidewinders for a combat sortie. When i fly on multiplayer server and see those kind of planes take off, i become sad and feel like i'm playing Ace Combat, while they are imagining themselves as Top Guns raking as many kills per sortie...
  15. Now that you mention this it reminds me of a little subtle thing, havn't done any research on this so can't be 100% sure, but, from what i vaguely remember, that was meant only for the WWII ground vehicles as that seamed to be a pretty much logical step to have a complete experience in the WWII aspect of the game. So i believe that their plan was to develop the damage model for WWII planes and ground vehicles than modern aircrafts and lastly modern (everything after WWII) ground vehciles. If i'm right on this, it would mean that my initial statement still stands, we are on a
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