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  1. Is the Harrier available in Prince of Persia? If not, could you add it? Would be good for team Blue to have the (very limited) SEAD capability of the Harrier.
  2. I see. Normally it wouldn't be a big issue if there was only AI GCI. The thing is that the MiG-15 EWR works for a human Tac Commander / GCI the same way any other EWR does. Would you consider taking out the Su-25T then? Or take away their KH-25-MP/MPU and KH-58U. It adds a SEAD capability for one side that the other doesn't have. The last two missions I saw Su-25Ts killing two blue EWRs and later two HAWK sites in one approach. If team red has respawning EWRs, at least they shouldn't have such an easy time taking down blue EWRs that do not respawn.
  3. Blue killed the EWRs to the northwest. Another EWR spawned east in the mountains of the northern airbase instantly.
  4. Could you please remove the respawning red EWR at "Prince of Persia"?
  5. I'm feeling with you, seriously. The imagination of being bored by DCS scares me. Are you member of a virtual squadron, playing multiplayer pvp mainly? If not, try it. I know that fighting the AI gets very boring at some point, but on pvp multiplayer it's a whole different world. Also, as already mentioned, you could try helicopters. I like flying planes a lot, but flying the Huey precisely or sneaking up on tanks in the Gazelle below the tree line is very, very rewarding and satisfying. But if you are really done with DCS and want to divert into space sims, have a look
  6. I think it's cool.
  7. I'm mainly interested in ground bases search radars, because as a chopper pilot in multi-player I want to avoid the AI GCI or a human GCI to vector fighters at me. I'm assuming that as soon as I see the search radar symbol on my Gazelle RWR I'm visible on the F10 map for a human GCI or for the AI GCI, correct? And the thing is that once I pop up behind a ridge but still behind tree cover, the S is there on the RWR if an EWR is placed accordingly. My question is whether in RL radar can see through trees? I think it can't, but I'm no expert on radar.
  8. Well, I have the silent majority behind me Thank you, take care buddy.
  9. Maybe, maybe not. At prime time hordes of fighters dominate this server and can make every chopper pilot's life miserable. We may see, if Alpenwolf really adds the AH-64D in a test phase. His last statement could be interpreted like he's refraining from that initial idea. Look, I'm actually not arguing for the AH-64D on this server. As I've written above I could very well live without the AH-64D on the server - if the Ka-50 goes. Let's get to the point of my argument: When the Hind is available and team Red finally has a Cold War era attack helicopter (somewhat compara
  10. Question for the radar experts on this forum: Can a helicopter hide from ground borne search radar detection by hiding behind trees? In DCS only terrain will block search radar detection. Hovering behind trees and even behind buildings it seems you are detected by search radars, at least that's why RWR in the Gazelle makes me believe.
  11. +1 I actually asked BN for this when he announced the new kneeboard functions, no reaction back then unfortunately. A scrollable, zoomable "Alt" F10 map version on the kneeboard would actually be much more helpful than the original, outdated TPC charts that sometimes differ from the DCS world quite significantly.
  12. Of course I am exaggerating a little, but I couldn't resist to see the outcry it would cause amongst some people here who hate to see their way of thinking and discussing turned against them. Their point in regards to helicopters is this: It's totally ok to have the (non-historical) Ka-50 battle against Gazelles and Hueys, in that case team Blue simply needs to coordinate better via SRS and everything should be fine - if their tanks are obliterated by Ka-50s, it's all their fault, they didn't coordinate properly, and besides, why are they not up to a little challenge?
  13. The differences between AH-64D and Ka-50 are also "not that significant" and better teamwork could marginalize the Apache, yet there you seem to feel different.
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