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  1. +1 to Icefire's post. If we won't be able to put a significantly greater amount of planes on the carrier, what's the point? I get wanting to increase the detail and fidelity of the sim as well as appreciate the work. However having the increase in functionality is far far more important to us. It takes a long time to get everyone off deck and the amount of explosions is very detracting from the experience.
  2. Good point, I'll run a diff and see what changed in there. Thanks for the reply. :D
  3. Thanks but KBB does not apply to what I'm discussing. Thanks though. For those that KBB works for, awesome. It's a great tool and I'm glad it works for you.
  4. Since the last update on Open Beta: Version I've had an issue that has been narrowed down to this mod. I put the files that need to be "updated each time the game updates" into a mod folder using OVGME so I just disable it when I update, but now with this mod enabled, when I run the game in an F-18c my INS does not update from the mission initialization apparently. I can start the plane anywhere on the map and the INS will put me squarely in the center of the Crimea Peninsula on the HSI. F10 map shows my true position. HSI waypoints show their true locations, but my plane's location on the HSI is WAY off saying I'm hundreds of miles away from WP0 which is the starting point. I'll have to do a little more digging and testing, but it's interesting that this change to the position and size of the kneeboard is what causes this to happen. Again though, I THINK this only started happening after the last update a few to several weeks ago, can't remember exactly.
  5. Seems to me that the choice of materials is most likely at fault here. I would think for a detent application that's being used repetitively you'd want tool steel. That looks like some very soft metal.
  6. My SSD is m.2 NVMe... so that's not the issue with my freezing.
  7. Just froze again. Hopefully these logs are helpful to the dev team. dcs-log_4.txt
  8. Just had another freeze. Same as before. I'm going to just upload a dcs.log each time that happens and hope that it helps in getting the issue fixed. dcs-log_3.txt
  9. I just had DCS 2.5 freeze on me again. Almost the same mission as before. This time the mission ran for about 2.5 hours and then froze. DCS log attached. dcs-log_2.txt
  10. I'm having an issue where DCS 2.5 Open Beta is repeatedly freezing/locking in single player mode and is frozen playing the last sounds that were playing. It works pretty much flawlessly on multiplayer. I can take the same mission that a friend was hosting and play it in single player and I lock up/freeze often. No one thing seems to be the cause of these freezes. I did read through this and changed my setup to use only a single monitor and that SEEMED to be a bit more stable, but it's still just randomly freezing. The last occurace I was IP Inbound to a JTAC target and the instant I pressed "F1" for Laser ON... froze/lock. It was a simple mission with just a small number of targets and an AI JTAC and myself in and F-5e. I have had this issue repetatively in various different aircraft though so I don't think it's specific to any given one, but I do only seem to get this behavior in Single Player. I usually run with three monitors, but I don't change the FOV. Attached the DCS.log dcs-log.txt
  11. Is there any update on this? I have exactly the same question where I want to set the cockpit up in a certain manner for a particular type of practice that I would like to repeat over and over again without having to waste time setting up things like TACAN and the HSI, lighting and such.
  12. No I only uninstalled 2.5 where it's installed. Then manually deleted a few left over folders there as well as the saved games folder for 2.5 under my username. I left my 1.5 install alone.
  13. I completely uninstalled 2.5 and did a fresh install. While I have not yet played any single player missions since doing that, I have played several hours of multiplayer and have not yet had it freeze on me. I did have a few stutters where I thought it would freeze, but came back after a few seconds. Maybe try a completely new install?
  14. I noticed in 2.5 on Mission 19, OP MASADA, in the briefing in the mission the Radio Freq for Dodge (Your Flight) is listed as FM 33 but in the PDF doc its listed as UHF 251. In the mission it's FM 33 that works to get a hold of your wingman. May want to update the mission to make sure all the stuff matches. Maybe the PDF I'm using is from Release version? I'm not sure.
  15. Any word on this in the last year? Whether it could be implemented in to the existing engine OR if it's something that will be put into newer version some time down the road?
  16. I've been having many similar crashes since the release of NTTR (that's when I jumped into Alpha/Beta builds). Pretty much guaranteed when I was running Alpha or Beta. I would occasionally get a lock up with the last audio "note" holding steady when it would freeze in the Stable branch, but not NEARLY as often. I don't really get this much in Stable now but I'm definitely still getting it in 2.5 often. Seems totally random as to when it occurs in game. Sometimes early on, sometimes much later after a while of playing. Always on single player as I haven't really gotten into multiplayer yet. Setup Specs: i7-3930k@3.20GHz 32 gig Ram (probably DDR3... not sure) nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5x nVidia GTX660 Ti 4GB Pushing 5760x1800 across 5 monitors using the 1 camera + 2 MFCDs Monitor Setup 1 Camera for 5760x1200 three main 1920x1200 monitors + 2 MFCDs on two tiny 800x600 monitors In 1.5 Stable I'm always running custom A-10c cockpit textures, 476th Weapon Repaint Mod, Diveplane's unofficial soundpack 2.9.2, either Barthek's GTM 7.0 or Starways Caucasus DLC, and TAD-Map-A10 mods. In 2.5 I'm running the A-10c cockpit textures, 476th Weapon Repaint, Diveplane's Sound.
  17. Was flying Mission 19 "OP Masada" and switched to the F10 map view then back to cockpit view and froze and just hung there. A-10c Enemy Within Campaign Mission 19 Crash.zip
  18. Not referring to you. You're doing the Lord's work. Keep it up. Talking about the folks that post nothing more than "ED your game is broken. Fix it." Should have quoted the guy.
  19. Been getting crashes enough previously with Alpha and now with the new 2.5 Beta that I figure I'd give some DCS.log files. Stable is almost always fine.
  20. Just telling ED the game is broken doesn't help anything or help the game get better. 1.5 Stable Release is that way ---> Beta is Beta for a reason. Good work ED and keep it up.
  21. They may be the more popular option for the USB, but they apparently don't last... amazon reviews are a few folks saying they've just died. Mine both just died a week apart from one another after using them for about two years. Lilliput says they probably need a MoBo replacement at $95 each. I cracked one open and am wondering if I can find a TFT LCD controller to plug the screen into instead. It's really strange though how they stopped working so close to one another... I think it's more software related than hardware personally, but I don't know. In regards to delays... I've never noticed anything. It may be technically slower, but in real time use, seems pretty instant to me.
  22. You were right... I have to read/listen to directions... Echo 2 definitely says the three buildings are occupied in the radio message as well as the on screen text/subtitles... :/ Worked as expected when I follow directions. Would be nice if there were some fire fighting going on from each buildings until each building was destroyed. Awesome work though!!!! I'm loving it so far.
  23. Oh ok, thanks for taking a look! I'll give that a go. I didn't see any enemy fire coming from that building and with the two destroyed as in my photo, the fire fight stops... I'll report back when I get an opportunity to try it out. Thanks again.
  24. Edit: Forgot to add. I tried this on latest of Open Beta and latest of 1.5 Stable. The issue occurs in both versions. I'm playing TEW right now and I've made it to Mission 05 thus far. The one with the downed helo callsign UZI did not have any audio for the helo crew on the ground and they did not respond or "pop smoke" when asked. I completed the mission with a mission success note. I'm pretty sure my radios were on correctly. Not using Easy Communications. In Mission 05: OP Hammerfall Patrol I'm running into an issue where once I start CAS I take out the two buildings that have insurgents in them. Take out the APC and Anti Air. Take out the Mortars... then nothing. Silence. There is one truck to the North of the long building on the West side of the road. It is invulnerable... tried everything to blow it up... it won't. I did see a mention earlier in this thread or another DCS bug thread that you had fixed the "immortal truck issue"... not sure if this is the same issue you are refering to, but this truck won't die. I thought that maybe the trigger may not set off to play the audio and send in Pontiac CAS helos to relieve my flight unless the truck is destroyed... I'm not too sure how the scripting/editor works for DCS. I'm just thinking how it might work in Arma or something, lol. Two images: Truck in red circle with two destroyed buildings in boxes. Close view of truck through TGP with GAU-8 round impacts all over the place... that thing should be super destroyed.
  25. The campaign also comes with practice versions of each of the official campaign missions that start you with air starts so you don't have to start up the aircraft each time if you just want to practice the core of the training mission. They are located in the same folder as the campaign missions and have "Practice" in the mission name. I copied and pasted the practice missions into my default mission folder for quick easy access. I also share your frustration with the missions, BUT they are worth it and will TEST you on proper knowledge. They don't really teach you anything IMHO, just test you. The commentary during the missions is mostly just filler on the test. You ideally should know how and where to learn the information you need to know to pass the missions and play them over and over and make your own lists of what you need to do for each one. The included checklists and mission data info is pretty lacking... 1. the required info is generally there for each mission though you have to dig for it. 2. The amplified checklist is a mishmash of reality and simulation details. It's really confusing as well what I'd consider incomplete. It doesn't cover everything you can do in the sim but also includes a bunch of things that you don't need. With most checklists for this sim though I really do like having the extra reality based steps as it increases immersion, but I do wish such items where highlighted with an asterisk or something so that you can know it has no impact on the simulation. Lobo's Checklist includes only the things that impact the sim and doesn't include things you can't do or are not modeled insofar as I know, but it was made in 2011, not sure how up to date it is or if there are any current discrepancies. I generally like it. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/172905/ All this said... I have about 7 different checklists from different people/groups/the manual and refer to all of them. :/ There's a lot to this sim and no one covers all the info the same way or the way that I would want it presented exactly. And for some things, I've compiled my own checklists.
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