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  1. Cant do tracks as the record is broken . I'm not going to sit through 40minutes of flight time to find the spot where I'm trying to lock on to targets . If I fast forward the whole track is ruined . AS YOU KNOW tracks are broken , oh this is online by the way . NO offence Big . I'm not sure what's being done to fix these long life Buggs , That have been here for quite some time . DCS needs a new record system like il-2 i guess .
  2. Well I'm flying at 70m above tree top level and Sam's are picking me up locking me and firing and getting good hits . and I'm very low in my Hind .
  3. Pilots killed i guess that could be the answer . Lets hope that we have some sort of indications that we are dead or badly injured . And yes i think people just aren't bothering checking the map before they fire their AA missiles .
  4. Hoggit server . Countless times trying to get him to lock on well seen targets , by the time its locked I'm already so close AAA and Sam's are on it way . This is becoming very frustrating .
  5. Ok been on Hoggit a few times this week and i keep getting shot down by my own players . I'm guessing the IFF isn't working yet . ?? Also some strange damage modeling is happening . Got a missile that nearly hit but fragmented and peppered the hind but still in good shape . How ever i had no controls that worked . No rudder and no input on joystick or collective . The hind just flew straight until it hit a hill . ??
  6. So what's the lowest you can fly in real life below radar . Is it 200 meters .
  7. Six months into 2021 and still i see no fixes with multiplayer . Other flight sims are making progress . 84 players and with ground units moving in open world battle space . ED what's going on . ???
  8. Totally upstand its work in process and its open beta . Cant copy track from online play due to the track being out of Sync with game play . Shows me attacking a tree line with nothin in it . Very odd .
  9. I wouldn't worry too much even Win10 isn't compatible with DCS .
  10. In multiplayer on servers . Petrov will not lock onto single T80 under a tree . Also with River or water in back ground crosshairs skip around . Targets in Tree lines gets locked but not a lone T80 Tank in open ground in front of the tree line . The Crosshairs seem to dance around the lone T80 target and yet its picking up the back drop targets in the tree line . Petrov seems confused . !!! Is there away to put my crosshair onto the target I want to engage and get it to lock flying as pilot . Surly this is possible . ? Also a target list appears " which is the nearest target to choose if list is long . If I choose TANK1 which I'm hoping is dead center and is the target I want to attack first , why is Petrov choosing target off my line of sight as TANK1. ??? Tried coping the track files but its all out of sync due to multiplayer .
  11. Sorry to hear that i tried a single mission last night i had 28fps and running smooth . went and did a F2 outside view and when back in Hind cockpit I went down too 14fps and just could not get the frames back , Did F2 again and it went back up too 28fps . The outside view did some thing . ? Also was Jumping into F10 map . I'm sure there is a bug here or memory lose .
  12. I would say Vram . DCS - isn't the most optimized game on the market . Me I'm going AMD as DCS is going Vukan game engine .
  13. Noticed this too coming into land , if I trim were i want too on a landing , the hind over reacts causing crash into ground , Now I don't trim when coming in on final . I'm more or less using the stick and rudder to guide me down . Slow decent approach with out push trim .
  14. Had this a few times also , when coming out of an attack in a dive causing over speed too much throttle . Also I've gone to Center stick for trim as the default throws the trim out by double inputs making the hind behave erratic . Shallowing my attacks and banks seems to cure the power lose with center throttle .
  15. Thank you testing in the Hind . Works a treat on lets say 20 people on line .
  16. The only stand out I found was a trick with the Gazelle that I sort of tweaked from VSTerminus' video on it. I tried this with the Mi-8 as well before I got my extension. You may consider desaturating your pitch and roll cyclic axis a small amount (10-20.) Where is this . I wonder what Wags is using to get stable flight . If using warthog them sticks have a Heavy spring . And i mean heavy .
  17. None playable uninstalled . Shame looks good .
  18. "Rocking horse" effect The Trimmer seems to push the hind up . I don't fly center stick fly default . I have Virpil with center cam and hard springs . If I'm stable and level in flight and trim surely I should stay in that position . But trim pushes hind up "Rocking horse" effect , Anyone else . Also Rudder can tip the Hind over while on the ground , IS that a real thing or move the joystick left or right and hind tips over . . ??
  19. I think VR in multiplayer is a bad idea not unless on top of the range system . Single player I run at 36fps in VR. Go to multiplayer I'm down to 13fps . unplayable . Multiplayer has really gone backwards in DCS.
  20. Not bought this map now , i was going to for the hind . There is No point if 32GB ram being used . .
  21. Seems like this bug has returned . night flying is also killing my fps .
  22. photos i think mine is too low , i move my trackir so its centered , but when restart goes back to being low
  23. The best landings I've found is to land like a slow moving bird . line up on runway and glide down slow , but don't go into a hover . This works for me , I've seen many pilots trying to hover into a land and just flop out of the sky into the deck crash and burn .
  24. Will petrovich lock up on open spaces if ordered . Maybe try as a test . Had similar problems on multiplayer . Where petrovich would find target but the crosshairs would not lock onto that target .
  25. What was your out come .
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