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  1. Did the same changed night time to dawn . flying in VR at night is pretty bad . Can't finish mission 8 land at base click finish mission nothing happens .
  2. Easy hover mode and realistic mode option .
  3. I've ordered . 30% is good discount . Plus I love this bird . And in VR will be amazing .
  4. So what i did was ordered more memory 32GB - 3200mhz , and updated my Nvidia drivers and changed page file . so far so good get the odd stutter .Single player runs good , but multiplayer still a pain in the ASs. Sorry guys needs to be said online used to be a strong point for DCS , But since 2.5 its gone down hill .32GB need to fly online is just Wow !! really .
  5. Going to give it a few more tries . I have DOP mode on the ADI to show the needles for lateral and longitudinal drift . White lines . Edit .... ok after watching videos I've noticed that there is no way my Gazelle is behaving like it is in them videos . I can remember when I first bought this module that i had no problem flying or hovering . I'm now reading here that the FM is broken and will be fixed when the release of the new Kiowa . I'm playing on open beta 2.7 . Has this effected the controls . If I move my joystick there is like a delay in the Gazelle mov
  6. Pre-order is in . Looking forward to this beast .
  7. KoN

    Quest 2 DCS VR

    So battery id good . As when it starts getting low you get lots of lag and flashing plus warnings its self
  8. I'm not convinced . lol going to give it one more try I'm trying to complete the campaign . I'm only on the second mission and its night time , in VR looks amazing , But i cant get this to hover . I don't think I'm going to even complete this . I don't see many Gazelles flying about on multiplayer .
  9. KoN

    Quest 2 DCS VR

    Yes I've tried 80hz also . I tend to run at 72hz as DCS wont meet 90fps . AWS is set too off , but I'm still testing only in single player thou .
  10. KoN

    Quest 2 DCS VR

    If you move all the way to the right 1.7 @ 90mhz you will see sharp images in cockpit . Even with DCS P.D. 1.0 What is the battery percent % What are your VR settings and DCS-VR .... P.D. set at
  11. Twice now going to F10 map to have game crashes .
  12. KoN

    Quest 2 DCS VR

    Go 90mhz and 1.7 in Oculus software . Leave DCS at 1.0. PD . Change P.D. in DCS if you want sharp up the graphics . Test and increase P.D. in game .
  13. Also on hoggit server A10c could not right mouse click for weapons
  14. KoN

    Phoenix 2.7

    It was down to dysic on the server . Tried again in a later server and got hits .
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