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  1. Thank you i shall dig deeper into this .
  2. How do you get this thing to hover . I find it nearly impossible . . is there a cheat switch to push so i can just hover instead of frustrating hours of trying . Miss the whole battle trying to hover . what am i doing wrong here . far too sensitive for me . KA-50 i have no problems .
  3. Does OTT work with v23 in the quest2 in DCS . if I set different PD in OTT i see no effects . Yet if i set 1.7 PD in DCS its self i see effects change . Any ideas .
  4. Not that reply is any help . Thanks but no thanks this is a quest2 thread .
  5. Same for me great clear cockpit but looking out side its all blurry . What's going on . why cockpit clear and sharp but out views or out of focus and blurry .
  6. For me the spotting has become dyer . Can no longer spot anything not until a merge has taken place . What has happend . High Res monitor 4k .3200 x 1800 Jester is calling out targets ahead yet can not see anything . We must be able too see some thing that close . Please fix the awful spotting issues
  7. There is some thing wrong with the spotting again today 3 miles 12 o'clock couldn't see it and right in front of me . Online . Just like 701 photo .
  8. Are you a real pilot . ?
  9. Thank you ``Now thats what im talking about . Tonight again Mig-21 got on my six and we didn`t even see it . This is with constant zig - zagging and looking around "Even jester didn`t call it . This is no good for multiplayer . At $60 for a module yet cant see targets this needs addressing .
  10. That`s all well and good but jester will mostly loose lock or target . Target locked lost target . !! so Aim-54 will fly unguided with no lock . ? Single player online . Any help for best lock in single player online .
  11. Ive been playing this game since it was on windows 95 . Not a Noob to flight sims . There is definitely problems since last patch i am online most nights . Aircraft are not seen . Use zoom axis they disappear . Some thing is not right with Zoom . Multiplayer might have some thing to do with this . Warping planes some crazy stuff last night on PGAW. And as you can see from reply's i am not making this stuff up . I don`t come here if its not broken . Jester is calling out targets 12 o'clock yet its not there maybe going over 1080p has some thing to do with it , Who here is online flying at
  12. Yes im at 3200x1800 . 1080p looks awful now i cant go back to that . lol im hoping to go VR next year with the new cards on the market . and these run at nearly 4k res . So spotting has been broken am i right thinking that .
  13. Whats happend , a few months back i could see black dots on the skyline in fact videos were made and we could see up to 22 miles . Now i cant see a dam thing in close combat i cant see any black dots some times the aircraft disappear this was online . F14 - jester calling out stuff and i cant see them even when in close . Without jester its just as bad . ??? What went wrong . ! This is a Combat flight sim . We should be able to see things zoom out i see white dots on the ground zoom in it disappears . FOV . One flight simulator has just updated its poor spotting due to Deferred shadin
  14. Here is my log from an online session A few stutters constant every 15 seconds or so . thank you dcs.log
  15. Windows10 Anti-virus . ill attach file after i try another session online see if it keeps stuttering . thanks
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