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  1. I have heard that about the Hornet's turn rate but not power/acceleration. Not saying you are wrong, but if you are right...the Hornet is a real pig then. Compared to it's teen fighter peers in DCS, the Tomcat has the slowest subsonic acceleration. This may be true to life and I am just misinterpreting the supposed Tomcat's speed superiority or the FM of all the others are way off.
  2. Another thing to mention is that real life Hornet pilots have mentioned that the current Hornet FM is a bit draggy and slow in acceleration...this would make it even quicker than the Tomcat currently. It will be interesting to see the updated FM with 2.7 on Wednesday. I know the Tomcat is not getting an FM update this patch though.
  3. Does anyone think that the current acceleration of the F-14B is a little slow? I know there are FM tweaks in the works but Heatblur has mentioned that there really isn't much more to change and the current FM is pretty much spot on accurate. I ask because I have seen several acceleration tests done online and the results have the Hornet out accelerating the Tomcat at everything below Mach 1. Everything I have heard over the years would make this seem unlikely. In my very unscientific testing, I have both the Hornet and Tomcat clean and full fuel takeoff at full AB and mark the
  4. N0430BM

    Fake helmet textures

    Hopefully this is just all fixed if/when we get the new/correct US Navy pilot models.
  5. Yes! More appreciation posts are needed! Heatblur and their SME's have earned what I think is arguably the honor of creating the most incredible and breathtaking experience that flight simulation has ever seen. The DCS F-14 Tomcat is in a league of it's own in regards to quality and fidelity. The legend that is the Tomcat and my favorite aircraft deserves no less...congratulations Heatblur and thank you so much.
  6. N0430BM

    Navy Pilot?

    +1 I have been wishing for and requesting this since the Hornet was released. We still don't have a naval aviator flying our Hornets, but hopefully the model gets corrected/upgraded for the transition out of Early Access coming soon.
  7. Does anyone have any information on when we will see a restock of the Thrustmaster Hornet Grip and the Magnetic Base on Amazon.com? I have been monitoring everyday for about a month now but they remain out of stock...I am ready to purchase!
  8. I am selling my Warthog stick+base, please see the following listing... https://www.ebay.com/itm/Thrustmaster-Hotas-Warthog-Flight-Stick-Joystick-for-PC-Black/324071154141?hash=item4b742561dd:g:fpIAAOSw6GJeNzjb
  9. There is a real concern here... From what I am seeing right now, the biggest drop in FPS is from being near other aircraft, especially the Hornet...a 20-30 FPS drop when just a few are present and within your view. This is what really needs to be fixed. A more detailed carrier and deck will only make this worse.
  10. Speaking of the carrier... Will there be deck crew as well...even if they are just static?
  11. Flaps Toggle Please consider adding an assignment for "Flaps Toggle" https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=4189226&posted=1#post4189226
  12. Thank you for the response! I will add it there now.
  13. Thank you for the info. While we don't know the exact area covered by the Channel map yet, we can kind of guess based on the listed airfields. It's clear that the area of Kent, England will be included in the Channel map and that there were USAAF airfields located in this area. BIGNEWY/ED, Is there a reason why none of the USAAF airfields are included on the Channel map?
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