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  1. I don't doubt you at all...and of course there may have been an error in my testing. It was very simple and reproducible though...15C, 29.92, clear skies, no wind, 5,000ft MSL, full fuel, 0.5 to 0.8 with full AB and time it.
  2. So I know we have discussed this to death and are all aware that HB is working on the FM, acceleration, and drag issues. I ran a few more acceleration tests for the heck of it though from Mach 0.5 to 0.8 and this time included the F-14A. I am not going to go in depth with the testing and results, but what I did find is that both the A and B Tomcats had the exact same times/acceleration. Maybe the addition of the A messed something up or both the A and B are using the same FM right now...just more food for thought.
  3. Yeah, not too surprising while clean, but no way of telling without HB acknowledgment on this...they seem to have disappeared lately though from posts concerning the FM. I tested this as well and get the same results. As draconus pointed out, I find it interesting that the drop tanks seem to have an appropriate drag effect here, while as in my test from another post, they don't.
  4. Internal sound improvement is listed on HB's Public Roadmap so this and other issues should be fixed.
  5. When it happens for me, I can no longer click on anything with my mouse. It has been happening for almost two months now...hope to see a fix "soon"
  6. I have been experiencing this as well. It started ever since the 2.7 patch. It seems random, was worse until the 2.7 update last week, but still occurs now and then with a Tomcat mission reload. No crash file and the PC needs to be restarted.
  7. No offense taken, and I agree with you. In no way did I think my "tests" should drive any type of FM change. In a way, it was just to satisfy my own strange (and maybe unhealthy) fascination with acceleration as a performance metric...similiar to 0-60 times between a Porsche and Ferrari. You are right in that I should remain optimistic with hope that HB is already well aware of what my test showed (even if unscientifically), and have already addressed the discrepancies with payload configurations and drag.
  8. My concerns are not about ACM. It's just the basics...does the Tomcat accelerate as it should, does drag/weight have an appropriate effect on the aircraft? This all of course does influence ACM, for example; if you get to the merge guns only and jettison your tanks...my test shows that the aircraft loses performance. The posts that I "selectively" chose tend to underplay the issue as if the FM is close to being accurate...which right now seems to be far from true. Nobody from HB has acknowledged my test or if there is indeed an issue with drag/weight being incorrectly applied to
  9. I am just concerned that they are unaware of all the issues. Take a look at the following comments below...if my test results are accurate, there seems to be a significant problem with the FM, drag and/or thrust. These comments make it seem that there is no issue and somehow my results are incorrect.
  10. I just hope the FM is considered a major feature and not a bug for EA. There are numerous posts since release pointing out the problems with the FM...for me the biggest issue being it's lack of thrust/acceleration compared to real life charts and performance. I wouldn't consider the Hornet out of EA until it's FM is spot on accurate as possible/allowed.
  11. Why did this place become a ghost town after my posts about my updated tests and results?
  12. Huh? My OP never mentions climb rate or turn rate. While the answer is complex, my question seemed straightforward, "Is the F-14B engine and drag modeling correct and the acceleration seen in DCS true to life?" Of course, the modeling of the engine thrust and drag on the Tomcat will greatly influence climb and turn rates as well, buy I was just testing basic straight and level acceleration. I suggest reading all the posts... a lot was discussed. My last two posts which contain further testing raises a question about the Tomcat's current drag modeling.
  13. In follow-up to my test results yesterday, I decided to run a few more tests today for verification and to add a few more loadouts. Testing parameters: Clear day, no wind, 59F, 29.92. Aircraft start airborne at the end of the runway at Nellis, 300 TAS, 500 ft AGL. Full internal fuel (unless otherwise noted), full afterburner. TAS (as displayed in the infobar) is then recorded as the aircraft crosses the end of the runway. I ran each test 10 times to get an average speed. F-14B Tomcat Pylons: 539 TAS Pylons w/ 50% Internal Fuel: 566 TAS No Pylons: 53
  14. Yes, that is it...at least for me. It only happens with the Tomcat. It is a hard crash that doesn't create a crash log and I need to reboot since nothing is mouse clickable.
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