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  1. Maybe they can, I never saw that IRL.
  2. When set to automatic, radar altitude is displayed when above ground altitude is below 1,500 feet and barometric altitude when above (so above 1500feet AGL)
  3. But it switches the FLCS to Landing gains. And there are other reasons to lower your flaps without lowering the landing gear. so not only when the handle does not lower.
  4. In real life the director lights only function when you already have contact with the boom. Everything else is per sight picture or boom operator instructions.
  5. No You should have two options: ALOW setting and LIS setting (Line in the Sky). You should be able to set both in the same page i believe.
  6. But than you are throwing away safety because of delayed braking just by trying to 'safe' the brakes. If you are talking about taxi speed i am with you if you say keep the nose up below 100kts i do not agree and it is not according -1.
  7. Any aerobraking below 100kts will adversely affect landing rollout. So while it looks cool it does not make sense.
  8. BATR is mainly used for debriefing purposes to show where the bullets would have ended up.
  9. Why is this? never had an issue refueling with partially filled externals.
  10. I think IRL the Jett switch is one you have to pull and activate...so no chance of flicking that switch by accident. And for your last question..yes that is the case for an F-16AM but I do not know if this is true for a Block 50. On th eleft console there is also a panel for ECM but I think it is not functional.
  11. If it is a real RNLAF F-16 setup you do not have the CMDS panel in the cockpit....
  12. Got the 3090 and the 8kx.....Steam setting at 100% and nothing special in Pitool....got a lot of stuff setup to the max in DCS. Still get only around 40 FPS...
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