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  1. Is the Bogey maneuvering?
  2. If i press the green 'RADIO' symbol and activate UHF the comms menu appears. When i press the 'Radio'symbol again comms menu remains and is functional. still quite a hassle. And hope this changes soon.
  3. Are you in the NAV mode? Indicated by NAV in the lower left side of the HUD?
  4. When flying on AC battery only you should land within 30 minutes.. so at least 30 mminutes.
  5. So when you turn on the EPU it runs indefinitely? Or is that not what you mean?
  6. It may have something to do with me running the mission in Beta?
  7. In misison 1 the jets start with no missiles at all. is that what's the intention? For me it is no problem to get weapons but what about the wingman (who is useless most of the time anyway :-))
  8. Warning light in the LG handle illuminates when LG handle AND doors are in transit or failed to lock in commanded position. It also illuminates when gear is not down and locked airspeed less than 190, alt less than 10000ft and ROD is more than 250ft/min. So basically P3CFE is correct
  9. Pressing the Emergency jettison button should jettison the TER (if carried of course). Seems that the SIM only ejects the bombs from the TER. Also as mentioned before the pylon of the Pylon tank is connected to the tank itself and should also 'leave' the aircraft when jettisoned.
  10. Frederf is correct. When the EPU switch is placed to off after takeoff the EPU WILL fire/start automatically. Also the AIR light will always be on when the EPU is commanded on, that is because the HYDRZN and Air light are socalled demand lights. ANd the EPU simply always demand AIR, and when needed the HYDRZN light will come on when it demands that to maintain turbine speed.
  11. Yes, nitrogen is actually introduced in the hydraulic lines via the actuators. That is why you can expect a hydraulic B failure soon after alternate gear extension. That is why the NWS is not functional after alternate LDG extension.
  12. leave gear down! Burn fuel so that external tanks are empty and internal fuel approx 2000lbs. Fuel inert does NOT protect external tanks but still flick that switch to inert, but Air refuel does depressurize external tanks so use this and land. Off course IRL you would try to get rid of any other store on board (especially bombs).
  13. As said in real life the INS gets screwed sometimes.. battery or not... Even without INS there are ways to land and find your way: Wingman, ATC, VFR etc. I just think it is not a very big deal. It is all about priorities set by the OEM. By the way, as far as I know the block modelled has a standby generator. So the chances of getting a running EPU are very slim. And running yourself out of fuel is just stupid. I am one of those people that thinks priority should be flight model, avionics and weapon system.. as the last part handling emergencies or damage.
  14. I have a few years experience with the Viper and I never saw a pilot set up the jet on ground power only. Normally we would just startup the jet, set everything up and shut it down again. Although what you are doing should work it is not very realistic (at least in our Airforce).
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